ANA Study Reveals New Trends in Payment Terms for Marketing Services

November 1, 2013

Issues of remuneration and payment terms are always important to marketers and suppliers. As we approach year end, a timely report from the ANA/ Association of National Advertisers outlines key factors that are affecting the payment of services for agency fees, research, media, production, and talent payments. In fact, 43 percent of marketers have extended payment terms this year on at least one marketing service in their portfolio. Historically, payment terms for most advertising/marketing services have been between 40 and 45 Days.

The findings come from an online survey conducted by the ANA during August and September 2013. The survey was initiated due to member interest resulting from reports in the advertising/marketing trade press and mainstream business press regarding changes in payment terms being implemented by a handful of companies to some suppliers. The purpose of this survey was to determine if such changes were isolated examples or reflective of a broader trend.

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"ANA Study Reveals New Trends in Payment Terms for Marketing Services." The Internationalist. Number 66, 2013.