Hub Culture 2014 Zeitgeist Ranking

January 1, 2014

Welcome to Hub's 8th Annual Zeitgeist Ranking — charting the pending urban moment in the squishiest of ways, with pure conjecture, conversation and cold calculating analysis on the subjective mood.

To prepare, Hub Culture distills conversations from around the world into a gut feeling, utilizing a range of soft factors. As always, new themes emerged around changing definitions of influence, a growing appreciation for "the broken," and a new sense of irrelevance in old hierarchic structures.

At the same time, old metrics still apply, which is why London held on to this year's top spot. Beyond that, wellness, community and vitality, coupled with reinvention while dealing with persistent problems are this year's dominant themes.

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"Hub Culture 2014 Zeitgeist Ranking." The Internationalist. Number 67, 2014.