What Is the Key For Traditional Media Brands’ Quest to Regain Luster?

January 1, 2014

Wouldn't you feel uneasy if you find your partner sitting on the couch in the living room seriously checking out an ad about a dubious diet pill on an iPad?

By Saneharu Mushakoji, Managing Director, Advertising Review Council Japan

Consumers living in today's wired society benefit greatly from the transformative powers of the Internet, which has revolutionized the way goods and services are advertised and sold. But they should be aware of the dangers posed by online advertising and retailing. Compared with traditional media like newspapers, TV and magazines, the Internet exposes consumers to greater risk of fraudulent ads containing questionable information and expressions.

Will traditional media all be swallowed up by Internet powerhouses in this digital age, as indicated by the purchase of the Washington Post by Amazon.com CEO Jeff Bezos? Or can they restore luster to their brands by pushing through radical reforms of their business models? One of the critical factors for their revival is credibility. It is vital for them to protect and boost their reputation as safe and reliable advertising vehicles.

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"What Is the Key For Traditional Media Brands' Quest to Regain Luster?" Saneharu Mushakoji, Managing Director, Advertising Review Council Japan. The Internationalist. Number 67, 2014.