Key Findings Report: 2014 ANA Procurement/Marketing Relationship Survey

June 16, 2014

Executive Summary

This report covers the key findings from the 2014 ANA Procurement/Marketing Relationship Survey. The purpose of this survey was to understand and examine the relationship between procurement and marketing and the factors that lead to the strongest internal partnerships and business results.

The findings from this survey include the following:

  • Quotes from the co-chairs of the ANA Procurement Task Force on Marketing/Procurement relationship.
  • The strength of the Marketing/Procurement relationship is fairly strong.
  • Improvement in the Marketing/Procurement relationship.
  • Marketing/Procurement disconnect on metric importance.
  • Senior management is most important in fostering a good/strong relationship.
  • Marketing and Procurement view procurement benefits differently.
  • A Marketing Procurement professional needs to embody a variety of characteristics.

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“Key Findings Report: 2014 ANA Procurement/Marketing Relationship Survey.” ANA, 2014.