What These Three Auto Trends Mean for Brands

October 15, 2016

Originally appeared on Think with Google.

As the automotive industry undergoes transformational change, old assumptions about consumer habits are being challenged. Looking at the latest search data and recent Google Consumer Survey results, here are the three most pronounced shifts.

The car industry is at a crossroads. At no other point have there been so many paths to purchase open to consumers—and yet car-sharing services challenge the very idea of car ownership. Even in this moment of new uses and rapid technological innovation, however, the biggest developments are still being driven by the consumer. We pored over recent Search data and Google Consumer Survey results to determine where consumers are going—and how marketers can meet them there.

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"What These Three Auto Trends Mean for Brands." James Reutershan, Strategy Development Manager at Google and Gregory McBroom, Principal Analytical Lead at Google; Think with Google, 2016.

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