Travel Trends 2016: Data Reveals Hot Spots and New Consumer Insights

October 21, 2016

Originally appeared on Think with Google.

As more travelers turn to Google and YouTube in micro-moments, marketers can get more insights: Who are they? Where do they want to go? How do they make decisions? This year, Think with Google's got the latest data to inform your media plan.

The reasons people travel haven't changed much from year to year, let alone from decade to decade. And yet the paths people travel before they travel have been transformed. Consumers increasingly turn to mobile to get itinerary ideas, compare flight fares, or reserve experiences. These moments are what we at Google call micro-moments: decision points when a well-positioned brand can influence a consumer.

We looked across billions of searches to see travelers' digital journey to this year's hot spots. To build a complete view of path-to-purchase trends, we partnered with Sojern, a global performance marketing engine for travel brands, to layer on the company's booking data from 350 million anonymized traveler profiles. The result: an unprecedented look at the traveler customer journey based on intent signals across online, mobile, and video channels.

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"Travel Trends 2016: Data Reveals Hot Spots and New Consumer Insights." Think with Google, 2016.

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