Fourth Quarter Online Mobile Traffic Up 40 Percent Over Last Year

January 17, 2014

By Jack Loechner, MediaPost

According to the year-end online sales trends from the IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark, overall fourth quarter online sales were up 10.3% year-over-year, as mobile traffic soared, accounting for nearly 35% of all online traffic, up 40% compared to the fourth quarter of 2012. Mobile sales also remained strong, reaching 16.6% of all online sales, up more than 46% over the same period last year.  

More of the key drivers of online mobile sales include:

  • Smartphones drove 21.3% of all online traffic, nearly double that of tablets at 12.8%, making it the browsing device of choice, but tablets drove 11.5% of all online sales, more than twice that of smartphones, which accounted for 5%  
  • Tablet users averaged $118.09 per order, versus smartphone users, who averaged $104.72 per order
  • As a percentage of total online sales, iOS was almost five times higher than Android, driving 12.7% vs. 2.6% for Android. On average, iOS users spent $115.42 per order, nearly 40% higher than Android users, who spent $83.56 per order.  iOS also led as a component of overall traffic with 22.1% vs. 10.6% for Android
  • Shoppers referred from Facebook averaged $60.48 per order, versus Pinterest referrals, which drove $109.93 per order.  However, Facebook referrals converted sales at more than three and a half times the rate of Pinterest, perhaps indicating stronger confidence innetwork recommendations  

Supporting these overall trends, the study reported real-time trends across a number of retail subcategories throughout the fourth quarter:

  • Online sales for Department Stores in the forth quarter grew by 62.8% over 2012, with mobile sales growing by 49.6% year over year
  • Health and Beauty online sales grew by 14.7% over 2012, with mobile sales growing by 81.7% year over year
  • Online Home Goods sales grew by 46.4% over 2012, with mobile sales growing by 38% year over year
  • Online sales of Apparel grew by 10.2% over 2012, with mobile sales growing by 54.5% year over year

"Fourth Quarter Online Mobile Traffic Up 40 Percent Over Last Year." Jack Loechner. MediaPost, 01/17/14.

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