Twitter Makes Watching TV Interactive

June 6, 2014

by Jack Loechner

According to demographics for Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings, social TV has turned watching TV into an interactive experience that connects viewers in the moment with friends, content creators, stars, and likeminded (or not so likeminded) fans. The report reveals who these viewers are that are Tweeting about TV, and who’s seeing their Tweets,

36 million people sent Tweets about TV in the US in 2013

990 million Tweets were sent about TV in the US in 2013

An initial analysis of Twitter TV demographics across 273 broadcast and cable program episodes reveals three important findings, says the report:

  •     First, there’s a broad age and gender distribution across programming

  •     Second, there are significant differences in the age and gender profiles of Tweeters across programming types

  •     Most importantly, Twitter enables TV networks and advertisers to reach audiences beyond their core demographics

"Twitter Makes Watching TV Interactive." MediaPost, 2014.

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