Local Markets Shape Millennial Brand Loyalties

April 9, 2014

Loyalty is highly coveted in today's media world, particularly among Millennials — some of America's most connected consumers. These adults aged 18-29 are in many ways redefining how marketers and content creators think about loyalty. Audiences are fragmenting across more and more platforms and their loyalty shifts as they seek out ways to consume the content that's most important to them, on their terms.

As these forces shape the brand loyalty landscape, it's important to remember that where you live still holds sway in determining behaviors. For example, local flavors create key differences among "brand-loyal" Millennials. In this case, we defined brand-loyal consumers as those who agree they are loyal to only a few fashion brands and stick with them.

Here's a look at two different markets — Salt Lake City, Utah, and Syracuse, N.Y. — measured by Nielsen Scarborough.

From family-planning to decision-making in the produce aisle or around online banking, brand-loyal Millennials' lifestyles and daily behaviors vary widely across each market. This is why it's so important to "know the locals" whenever — and wherever — you place advertising or programming content to reach your desired consumers.


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