Marketing Excellence 2.0: Capabilities to Build Today to Win Tomorrow

May 1, 2014

The rise of digital and mobile technologies, globalization, and shifts in consumer and customer expectations call for a reassessment of programs companies use to build marketing capabilities. Marketing2020 showed that, of all factors examined, “capabilities” and equipping teams with the right tools, skills, and behavior have the strongest correlation with revenue growth, brand health, and marketing return on investment, outranking both “strategy” and “structure.”

Marketing2020 identified four key factors that will positively impact capability-building programs:

  1. Emerging capabilities. While fundamental marketing capabilities such as brand strategy and positioning remain vital, big data mining and analytics, consumer/customer engagement, and digital/social media were identified as the top three capabilities that will drive business growth five years from now.
  2. Specialization and integration. New and emerging capabilities increasingly impact organizational structures as they call for a higher degree of specialization and an integrated approach to delivera total brand experience.
  3. Brand differentiation through unique “ways of marketing.” Ensuring programs are aligned with the organization’s culture, key strategic objectives, and focus areas helps to hardwire brand differentiation.
  4. Embedding more personalized and experiential capabilities. Digitalization will affect the design and delivery of capability-building programs. Winning organizations will offer training that is flexible, personalized, and easily accessed at any given time.
About Marketing2020

Marketing2020Organizing for Growth is the most comprehensive global marketing leadership initiative ever undertaken. Led by Millward Brown Vermeer in partnership with the ANA, Spencer Stuart, and Adobe, Marketing2020 is focused on how to best align marketing strategy, structure, and capabilities for business growth. The Marketing2020 fieldwork included vision interviews with more than 250 leading CMOs and an in-depth online survey of 10,491 contributors from 92 countries.


"Marketing Excellence 2.0: Capabilities to Build Today to Win Tomorrow." Marketing2020.