Marketing2020: The New Role of Marketing Survey Report

July 16, 2014

Executive Summary

Key findings from Marketing2020's 2014 New Role of Marketing Survey Report:

  • With the rise of digital, the need for more specialized roles, and marketing’s enhanced position as a business growth driver, the size of the marketing department is expected to grow over the next five years. This is especially true in overperforming organizations.

  • Marketing organizations in overperforming firms, relative to underperformers, are more highly regarded as strategic partners for driving business growth. There is also significantly higher collaboration between marketing, HR, IT, and finance in overperforming firms. This supports the fact that winning marketing organizations work more closely across functions and have a meaningful voice in the C-suite.

  • Overperforming organizations have a superior understanding of, and alignment around, brand strategy and priority objectives relative to underperformers. Overperformers are also better aligned on a global/local level. This underscores the importance of internal communications and having the right structures and tools in place to enable the sharing of knowledge and information on global, regional, and local scales.

  • Although more than half of all respondents believe their organization sufficiently celebrates brand successes, there is still room for improvement among over- and underperforming organizations.

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