Top Motivators for Winning Marketers

June 6, 2014

A motivated, energized team can deliver strong business results. What’s motivating marketers? And how can senior leadership tap into these motivations to promote bottom-line results?

The Marketing2020 survey looked at a wide range of contributing factors to both employee and company performance. Although there’s no secret formula for motivation, here are two suggestions:

  1. Link personal performance and rewards to key performance indicators (KPIs). Sixty-two percent of Marketing2020 respondents indicated that personal performance and rewards were linked to business KPIs. Tellingly, 71 percent of respondents at companies designated by the survey as “overperformers” have their personal performance and rewards linked to KPIs, compared with just 53 percent of respondents at underperforming companies.

  2. Recognize success. Survey participants were asked to respond to the open-ended question, “What is the single biggest driver to you personally contributing more to business growth?” Many responses echoed words related to recognition and internal engagement. Indeed, seeing work succeed and receiving recognition were powerful motivators for respondents.

About Marketing2020

Marketing2020Organizing for Growth is the most comprehensive global marketing leadership initiative ever undertaken. Led by Millward Brown Vermeer in partnership with the ANA, Spencer Stuart, and Adobe, Marketing2020 is focused on how to best align marketing strategy, structure, and capabilities for business growth. The Marketing2020 fieldwork included vision interviews with more than 250 leading CMOs and an in-depth online survey of 10,491 contributors from 92 countries.


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