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Marketing 2020 – Organizing for Growth

October 5, 2013

Executive Summary

In todays and tomorrows digital world what we do in marketing is changing beyond recognition, but how we organize marketing within organizations looks worryingly the same as 50 years ago.

Marketing 2020 – Organizing for Growth was initiated to focus on how marketing can best align strategy, structure and capability to support business growth. The platform offers CEOs, CMOs and their teams strategic frameworks, practical guidelines and tools to increase marketing effectiveness.

Marketing 2020 recommendations leveraged the insights and experience of over 250 leading global CMOs and 10,231 respondents (3,565 completes) across 92 countries. The ANA is partnering with EffectiveBrands, the global marketing consultancy to help U.S. marketers interpret, discuss, and apply key insights and recommendations to help increase marketing effectiveness.

For more information on Marketing2020 events, contact Nick Primola at nprimola@ana.net
Download the presentation as given at the 2013 ANA Masters of Marketing Conference under "See Also."