Get Out of the Box

December 1, 2014

Navigating the digital lifestyle landscape

By Beth Lawrence

While the viewing behavior of the lifestyle audience continues to skew toward TV, that audience is increasingly platform agnostic. Digital video alternatives are growing and mirroring an increasing use of new screens. According to the FreeWheel Video Monetization Report, 2014 marked the first year ever that more than 20 percent of ad views came from non-desktop, non-laptop environments.

How do you fight this trend? You don't. The most effective strategy is to determine what your brand does best, understand how lifestyle consumers are responding to it, and then expand on it.

At Scripps Networks Interactive, for example, we've leveraged the popular- ity of our top brand ambassadors by launching an increasing number of web extensions. In one execution, we capitalized on the broad fan base of Brother Vs. Brother stars Jonathan and Drew Scott by producing the web exclusive series, Toddler Vs. Toddler. The show playfully parodies the original series while simultaneously expanding the Scotts' appeal to a broader, family- oriented lifestyle audience. The key learning: Strategize ways to create strong content connections with your audience that allow you to comfortably walk them across the digital bridge.

Despite its ubiquity, the digital landscape is still comparatively new, and the most exciting thing about any new and emerging marketing vehicle is that you can make up your own rules. "Think outside the box" is a phrase that may have exhausted its usefulness to marketers. "Throw the box away" might be more apt.

Be adventurous with innovative marketing initiatives to leverage the lifestyle triggers that enhance and enrich the lives of your consumer, and you'll find they can enrich your brand, as well.

Beth Lawrence is executive vice president of digital ad sales at Scripps Networks Interactive. Email her at


"Get Out of the Box." Beth Lawrence, Executive Vice President of Digital Ad Sales at Scripps Networks Interactive. ANA Magazine Spotlight. December 2014.

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