Sample RFI Questionnaire

July 8, 2011

By Brian Goodall

Client X Interactive Agency Assignment Description

Search Consultant Firm X has been retained by Client X, Inc. to assist in its search for a full-service interactive agency to partner with them to manage all online consumer marketing activities for the [A, B and C] brands.

  • Client X was founded in...[company history].
  • Client X operates globally...[description of company’s global operations].
  • In the U.S., the Client X...[description of company’s U.S. operations].

Client X has an exceptional track record of performance and an ambitious plan for accelerated growth through acquisitions, innovation, and consumer support spending. This is evidenced by Client X’s recent acquisition of Company Y.

Over the past year, Client X’s interactive marketing program has grown and received strong management support. Recent interactive initiatives include the addition of e-commerce to the Client X website, the launch of a consumer loyalty program, an RSS recipe-of-the-day test, the addition of the Client X web address to all packaging, and the incorporation of an online advertising component into all major marketing activities. And this is just the beginning.

Client X plans to significantly bolster its online presence and test a variety of new media activities. This is an exciting time to come on board. Client X is looking for a partner to join them on this journey and to provide the interactive expertise, the sound advice, the strategic thinking, and the full array of marketing resources required to realize this vision, including:

  • Strategic planning.
  • Insights on emerging trends and new media.
  • Web design (navigation and information architecture development, content design, coding, back-end database administration, etc.).
  • Online media buying.
  • Online advertising (strategy, design, and creative development).
  • Online partnership negotiation.
  • Online promotion development and execution.
  • Search engine optimization/paid search.
  • Email marketing
  • Online PR.
  • Performance and measurement analytics.
  • Budget/cost management.

Client X’s integrated marketing activities are currently handled by a variety of resources. Client X is looking to consolidate with one highly qualified resource to bring cohesiveness and efficiency to its interactive marketing programs.

Client X’s Year X online marketing spend for the [A, B, and C] brands will approach [dollar amount] and is expected to grow in Year Y.

This is a significant opportunity for an interactive marketing company with the requisite skills and the right team of people to lead Client X on this exciting journey.

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