Media Agency Performance Evaluation Criteria

March 28, 2010

This list of media agency performance evaluation criteria from Steve Fajen, president, Steve Fajen Consulting Inc., looks at strategy, outputs, account performance, and client-side budget issues. Criteria, performance scales, and, of course, grades will vary by individual client/agency relationships.


  • Does our media agency understand our business?
  • Does our media agency analyze the market in conjunction with our business?
  • Does our media agency develop incisive plans?
  • Does our media agency perform post-campaign analysis and reporting?

Outputs (Planning and Buying):

  • Does our media agency create outputs that meet the guidelines set forth in the brief?
  • Does our media agency liaise with our creative agency?
  • Does our media agency deliver against our objectives?
  • Is our media agency innovative in their outputs?

Account Service:

  • Is there account management leadership?
  • Is there process control?
  • Is our media agency a good business partner?
  • Are we happy with the staffing and continuity at the media agency?

Finance and Administration:

  • Does our media agency stay on budget?
  • Does our media agency demonstrate financial responsibility?
  • Are we seeing value stretch?
  • Does our media agency address the current economic realities?

Overall Relationship:

  • Is there integrity?
  • Is there goodwill and trust?
  • Is our media agency easy to deal with?
  • Does our media agency participate in inter-agency collaboration?
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