Tetra Pak Focuses on Customer, Community & Environment

November 20, 2014

Khaled Ismail serves as regional VP of communications for the Greater Middle East and Africa at Tetra Pak. He has helped the food packaging company build a global brand that emphasizes innovation, customer focus, respect for the environment and social responsibility. "We protect what's good," he says. "Which means we protect food, people and our futures by applying our expertise and market insight for the benefit of our customers, the communities in which we operate, and the environment in which we live." Ismail is based in the United Arab Emirates and oversees regional communications in the Greater Middle East and Africa. He delivered a keynote at the BMA MENA Connect2 regional event on Nov. 19.

BMA Buzz: What have been the most effective marketing channels for reaching B2B buyers in the Middle East and Africa?

Khaled Ismail: In my opinion, for us to be successful, we must understand our customer’s business, their needs and their challenges. And the most effective channel for reaching our customers and potential customers is face to face, using tailor-made solutions. Face-to-face equals exhibitions, conferences, innovation days, field visits, case studies, etc.

The picture and the focus change when we are talking about other stakeholders.

BMA Buzz: The marketing industry has been evolving very rapidly. What changes have had the biggest impact on your work during your tenure at Tetra Pak?

Khaled Ismail: Competition is growing and customers have a choice. My work has focused on turning up the volume on the value we provide to our customers. This value comes in four tangible areas, through our experience and expertise in the industry: How can we help our customer increase revenues? How can we help our customers reduce costs? How can we help our customers ensure quality and safety standards for their products? And how can we help our customers strengthen their brands?

BMA Buzz: What challenges do you foresee in 2015? 

Khaled Ismail: Over the next couple of years, we expect that food prices will continue to increase. This will be a consequence of many factors including a growing world population, climate change and scarcity of arable land.

‘Green’ packaging and the issues of sustainability and recycling will move up the agendas of both consumers and governments in all markets. We at Tetra Pak are market leaders when it comes to ‘green’ packaging innovations and are committed to advanced ‘green’ technologies.

Automation technology advances, and more effort will be put into developing fully integrated solutions from processing to packaging, with traceability high on the agenda of food manufacturers. Pricing will become a constant battle to differentiate from other suppliers and try to stay competitive. 

In a growing and crowded market, the need for differentiation will increase as brands try to appear unique to consumers. Packaging will be for sure one of the levers to position new products and concepts.


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