Email Database Management a Struggle for B-to-B Companies

November 10, 2015

By Jess Nelson

Only 6% of B2B companies have optimal email deliverability ratings, according to a study released Wednesday by Dun & Bradstreet NetProspex. The data management company analyzed over 223 million records from 2015 to review how companies were leveraging their data and whether there were any pain points to missing data.

Most B2B companies struggle with missing data across channels. Eighty-four percent of enterprise companies are missing revenue information, while 54% do not have a working phone number for their contacts.

Sixty-two percent of the companies analyzed suffer from questionable email delivery rates, while about 32% had functional deliverability scores, but only 6% of companies analyzed were determined to have optimal delivery rates.

This means B2B marketing campaigns are suffering from insufficient email management and incorrect email addresses, which can critically impact ROI.

"Outdated and incorrect email addresses are impassable roadblocks to the success of outbound marketing campaigns and can interfere with the nurturing of prospects and existing customer relationships," states the report.

Emails that are not delivered affect both the top and bottom line of a business: wasted marketing spend, poor resource allocation, missed campaign goals and increased costs in storage of inaccurate records and remediation efforts," states the report.

Incorrect email addresses can cause further problems including the impact on a sender's reputation, brand perception, and customer service.

Low email deliverability is even more of a concern when considering that email newsletters are still the third most popular content marketing tactic of B2B companies, according to Dun & Bradstreet NetProspex.

Email was ranked as the fourth most effective and second most common B2B lead-generation tool in a recent BrightTALK study.


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