Hispanic Shoppers Decide Where to Shop Based on Coupons

August 1, 2016

By Jack Loechner

The Coupon Intelligence Study, conducted by Ipsos on behalf of Valassis, provides insight into consumers' savings and shopping behavior within traditional consumer packaged goods (CPG) categories. The study found that 92% of Hispanic consumers use coupons (vs. 90% of all consumers), and over 80% decide where to shop based on those print and digital offers.

With the Selig Center for Economic Growth projecting that the U.S. Hispanic market will reach an annual buying power of $1.7 trillion in 2020, retailers and marketers have an opportunity to drive sales by engaging this important demographic with coupons and offers, says the report.

85% of Hispanic shoppers decide where to shop where they can use coupons, vs. 77% of all consumers; or 81% on where they can use Smartphone or store card coupons, vs. 66% of all consumers.

Stemming from the in-depth survey of 1,000 consumers, 15% of whom were Hispanic, the research found a strong link between this demographic and mobile device coupon usage. Among the Hispanic consumers surveyed:

  • 37% increased their use of mobile devices for securing coupons and deals since last year, significantly higher than 28% of all respondents
  • 81% decide where to shop based on paperless discounts delivered via mobile devices, significantly higher than 66% of all respondents
  • 67% search for mobile discounts while shopping in-store, compared to 46% of all respondents
  • 67% switched brands due to mobile discounts while shopping in-store, compared to 50% of all respondents
  • 53% of Hispanic shoppers check social media in search of coupons, vs. 37% of all consumers; and 61% visit coupon websites, vs. 53% of all consumers.

Curtis Tingle, Valassis chief marketing officer, notes that "... with substantial buying power... Hispanic consumers are an influential group for brands and retailers to activate... combination of print and digital couponing strategies..."

With a propensity for using print and digital savings, among the Hispanic consumers surveyed:

  • 85% find print coupons in the free-standing insert or mail before shopping
  • 75% print coupons from the internet before heading to the store
  • 63% make a purchase based on a mobile notification while in-store

"Hispanic Shoppers Decide Where to Shop Based on Coupons." MediaPost, 8/1/16.

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