Amway: Building Business the American Way

October 16, 2010

Executive Summary

Amway, the privately-owned global direct sales company known for its network of salespeople who offer vitamins, beauty products, and other household staples door to door, has seen tremendous growth over the last few years. Due in part to their honed marketing strategy, Amway’s revenue has grown almost every year since 2000, a trend expected to continue through 2010. The company’s marketing approach centers on a culture of brand acceptance and regional sales models that blend innovation, technology, and interpersonal relationships. Candace Matthews, chief marketing officer of Amway, discussed how the company’s versatile marketing strategies have led to their recent successes in emerging markets.

Speaker: Candace Matthews, Chief Marketing Officer, Amway Corporation

View video below.


"Amway: Building Business the American Way." Candace Matthews, Chief Marketing Officer, Amway Corporation. ANA 2010 Annual Conference, 10/16/10.

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