Comcast Drives Impact and Acquisitions with Mobile Marketing

September 14, 2011

Executive Summary

Comcast views mobile as a full-funnel solution to meet objectives for awareness/branding, consideration, acquisition, and loyalty. Through the use of mobile extensions, Comcast expands awareness from a working program which is enhanced within a new mobile platform. Pepper W. White, media director, central division, Comcast Cable, and Amanda Richman, president of digital, MediaVest USA, discussed best practices for leveraging mobile’s inherent local power to drive acquisition, mobile programs within three-screen initiatives, and other creative considerations for mobile.



View video below.


“Comcast Drives Impact and Acquisitions with Mobile Marketing.” Pepper W. White, Media Director, Central Division, Comcast Cable; Amanda Richman, President of Digital, MediaVest USA. ANA Mobile Marketing Conference, 09/14/2011.

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