Data Panel: Who Owns What and Where Does Privacy Fit In?

November 15, 2012

Executive Summary

With a presence on multiple digital platforms, brands and publisher have experienced a dramatic increase in the amount of customer data they manage. That data comes with a number of concerns. Who owns it? What about user privacy? How should it be harnessed and which data management platform is the best to use? A panel of professionals, who both use and produce consumer data, shared their fresh perspectives on big data at the Alliance for Audited Media’s annual conference.

View video below.


"Data Panel: Who Owns What and Where Does Privacy Fit In?" Jenny Abramson, SVP of Monetization and Partnerships, Personal; Kerry Bianchi, Senior Director, Media Management, Accenture; John Montgomery, COO, GroupM Interaction; Tim Waddell, Director of Product Marketing, Adobe; Christina Meringolo, Director, Global Media and Activation, Merck Consumer Care. Alliance for Audited Media Annual Conference, 11/15/12.

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