Jockey’s Accountable Compensation Model

May 7, 2012

Executive Summary

Dustin Cohn, chief marketing officer, Jockey International, and Rich Feitler, president, TPN, discussed Jockey and TPN’s new agency compensation model, which was implemented in 2011. Jockey and TPN are using an “accountable compensation” model, which allows the agency to earn profits only by exceeding predetermined goals for the client. In return, the agency receives a greater voice in helping to determine brand direction. Jockey and TPN are both happy with the results of their partnership and plan to continue it going forward.

View video below.


“Jockey’s Accountable Compensation Model.” Dustin Cohn, Chief Marketing Officer, Jockey International; Rich Feitler, President, TPN. ANA Advertising and Financial Management Conference, 05/07/12.

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