Insights from Advertisers Who Have Embraced Media Audits

May 8, 2012

Executive Summary

According to a recent survey by the Media Audit Council, 85% of respondents said they are conducting or have conducted audits in the past. Three years ago, it was half that number. Common objectives for conducting audits include:

  • Improving the effectiveness of media investments
  • Indicating the relative value of media buys vs. industry norms
  • Improving processes for planning, buying, and evaluating media
  • Demonstrating ROI on media dollars invested

Despite the growing popularity revealed by these survey results, the field of media auditing is under developed in the United States and misunderstood by many marketers. There are various types of media audits and each involves a wide variety of approaches, results, and benefits. In this session, marketers from Bayer Healthcare, Old Navy, and Pfizer discussed why they initiated media audits, how organizational challenges were addressed, and the value received from the outputs.

View video below.


"Insights from Advertisers Who Have Embraced Media Audits." Jim Garrity, President, Media Audit Council; George Giassopoulos, Director, Global Marketing and Media Agencies, Global Procurement and Operations, Pfizer Inc.; Mark Kaline, Global Director, Media, Licensing and Consumer Services, Kimberly-Clark Corporation; Tom Lagan, Director of Marketing Services Procurement, Bayer HealthCare U.S.; Dustin Lyle, Senior Analyst, Strategy Source and Supply, Old Navy. ANA Advertising Financial Management Conference, 05/08/12.

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