Chobani: From Category Disruptor to Market Leader

February 27, 2014

Executive Summary

Chobani is a six-year-old company that woke up a sleepy category to become a market leader. Chobani challenged the status quo, catalyzed a food craze, and surpassed $1 billion in sales on its quick rise to success. Peter McGuinness, chief marketing and brand officer at Chobani, shared how Chobani is building a marketing infrastructure to maintain the brand’s No. 1 position and what’s next for the company. Chobani has made brand promotion a focus for 2014, with a new brand platform and high-profile Super Bowl, Olympics, and Academy Awards advertisements.

View video below.


“Chobani: From Category Disruptor to Market Leader.” Peter McGuinness, Chief Marketing and Brand Officer at Chobani. ANA 2014 Brand Masters Conference, 2/27/14.

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