How Hollywood Connects with Multicultural Audiences

November 5, 2013

Executive Summary

The six major studios which make up the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) are experts at entertaining audiences around the world, including a passionate group of multicultural consumers. In fact, according to a recent MPAA study, Hispanics are more likely than any other ethnic group to go to the movies. In order to relate to today’s diverse movie-goers, Hollywood is developing nuanced business considerations and marketing to make mainstream films more inclusive. John Gibson, special assistant to the chairman and CEO for diversity at the MPAA, Fabian Castro, vice president of multicultural marketing at Universal Pictures, and Rick Ramirez, SVP of targeted marketing at Warner Bros. Studios, shared recent advertising insights and experiences used to connect with their respective multicultural audiences.

View highlight video below.


“How Hollywood Connects with Multicultural Audiences.” John Gibson, Special Assistant to the Chairman and CEO for Diversity at the Motion Picture Association of America; Fabian Castro, Vice President of Multicultural Marketing at Universal Pictures; Rick Ramirez, SVP of Targeted Marketing at Warner Bros. Studios. ANA Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Conference, 11/5/13.

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