Viewable Impressions: New Currency for Digital Advertising

March 31, 2014

Executive Summary

David Gunzerath, senior vice president and associate director at Media Rating Council, provided an update on MRC’s efforts to lead the transition from served ad impressions to viewable impressions in digital advertising transactions. Aligned with the Making Measurement Make Sense (3MS) initiative’s recommendation, MRC has lifted its Viewable Impression Advisory. In addition, Aaron Fetters, director of insights and analytics solutions center at the Kellogg Company, shared how Kellogg’s increased the viewability of its digital advertising and increased its ROI.

View video below.


“Viewable Impressions: New Currency for Digital Advertising.” David Gunzerath, Senior Vice President and Associate Director at Media Rating Council; Aaron Fetters, Director of Insights and Analytics Solutions Center at the Kellogg Company. ANA 2014 Media Leadership Conference, 3/31/14.

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