Hasbro: Brand Relevance in "Right Now" Moments

December 4, 2013

Executive Summary

By the time marketers talk about an idea, get it approved, design a concept, and execute it, the idea’s relevancy has often expired. At that point the program, brand, and reputation are viewed as “too late” or having “missed the boat.”  Unless brands exist as “right now” companies, they can lose the cultural cachet of being in the know and a value provider to the consumer. Victor Lee, vice president, global digital marketing at Hasbro, discussed how the brand leverages “right now” moments by managing its digital channels like a 24-hour news organization.

View highlight video below.


"Hasbro: Brand Relevance in 'Right Now' Moments." Victor Lee, Vice President, Global Digital Marketing at Hasbro. ANA Real-Time Marketing Conference, 12/04/13.

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