Social TV: The New Digital Water Cooler

February 16, 2012

Executive Summary

There is a clear correlation between social media buzz and television ratings. The social TV phenomenon has been fueled by the explosive use of other screens — notably phones and tablets. Consumers are no longer simply passively watching television. Rather, they are connecting with other fans to chat about their favorite shows. This has important implications for marketers as brands are now able to become involved in the conversation.

Fernando Arriola, vice president, media and integration, ConAgra Foods; Nadine McHugh, vice president, global integrated media communications, Colgate-Palmolive Company; and Mike Proulx, senior vice president, director of digital strategy, Hill Holiday, discussed the opportunities provided by social TV for marketers in a panel moderated by Tom Cunniff, vice president, director of interactive communications, Combe Incorporated.

View video below.


"Social TV: The New Digital Water Cooler." Fernando Arriola, Vice President, Media and Integration, ConAgra Foods; Tom Cunniff, Vice President, Director of Interactive Communications, Combe Incorporated; Nadine McHugh, Vice President, Global Integrated Media Communications, Colgate-Palmolive Company; Mike Proulx, Senior Vice President, Director of Digital Strategy, Hill Holiday. ANA TV & Everything Video Conference, 02/16/12.

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