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Building Brand Loyalty through Customer Centricity

April 21, 2010

Executive Summary

Many successful companies are questioning, particularly in a down economy, whether their current strategy will be their winning ticket for the next five to 10 years. And if it's time for a change, how do you pivot from the current formula to one that puts the customer at the center of your strategy?

Chiaki Nishino and Fred Geyer of Prophet discuss the different kinds of triggers for this type of change, the types of beliefs, values and mindsets that are essential for a customer-centric approach and the key steps in an overall transformation process. They also look at why companies may have tried and failed, and discuss companies who have been wildly successful with this approach.

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"Building Brand Loyalty through Customer Centricity." Chiaki Nishino and Fred Geyer of Prophet. ANA Webinar, 04/21/10.

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