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Toyota: Digital Strategy Case Study

Kimberley Gardiner, national digital & mobile strategy manager at Toyota Motor Sales, discussed Toyota’s digital strategy behind the re-launched website.

DPAA: Business-to-Business Case Studies

DPAA provides case study highlights from four digital place-based campaigns executed in collaboration with Captivate Network for business-to-business companies.

DPAA: Alcoholic Beverage Case Studies

In this piece DPAA provides case study examples of successful alcoholic beverage campaigns which utilized digital place-based media.

DPAA: Automotive Case Studies

In this piece DPAA provides case study examples of successful automotive campaigns which utilized digital place-based media.

Case Study: Purex’s ‘Shock and Awe’ at Walmart

Steven Decker, president, Zooka Creative, and Stephen Koven, director of marketing, Henkel Consumer Goods, Inc., shared a case study on the launch of Purex’s natural, crystal-based fabric softener.

Corning Case Study: A Day Made of Glass

Lisa A. Burns, director, corporate marketing and branding, corporate communications, Corning Incorporated, and John Mannion, EVP, director of client relations, Doremus, discussed the creation of an internal video that went unexpectedly viral in 2011 and earned over 20 million views online.

DPAA Case Study: Hallmark Cards

Jan Mulkey, consumer marketing manager, Hallmark Cards, presented a case study at the DPAA 2012 Digital Media Summit which highlighted the use of digital place-based media in the launch campaign for Hallmark’s new “Jingle” product line.

DPAA Case Study: Jack in the Box

Patti Foley, director of marketing communications and merchandising, Jack in the Box, presented a case study at the DPAA 2012 Digital Media Summit on the recent “All American Jack” campaign which utilized digital place-based media.

DPAA Case Study: Oppenheimer Funds

Kirti N. Srikant, AVP, director of brand marketing and advertising, Oppenheimer Funds, presented a case study at the DPAA 2012 Digital Media Summit which highlighted Oppenheimer’s use of digital place-based media as a key element of their “Globalize Your Thinking” integrated campaign.

Oscar Mayer Taste-a-Monials Case Study: Turning Sampling into Sentiment

Beth Goeddel, marketing director, Kraft Foods, Inc., and Sarah Hofstetter, president, 360i, shared how Kraft’s “Oscar Mayer Taste-a-Monials” campaign turned sampling into sentiment overnight by tapping into social media and mobile to yield extremely powerful results.

DPAA Case Studies: Digital Place-Based Media

Case studies from Oppenheimer Funds, Jack in the Box, Hallmark Cards, and Foster’s were presented during a panel discussion about the importance of digital place-based media at the DPAA 2012 Digital Media Summit.

Embracing the Mayhem: Allstate’s Unconventional Road Trip

Lisa Cochrane, senior vice president of marketing, Allstate Insurance Co., discussed how Allstate’s “Mayhem” campaign has made the brand a leader in the insurance category again.

Case Study: IBM and Watson

Ann Rubin, vice president, IBM Brand Expression and Global Advertising, IBM Corporation, Cecilia Correa, mid-market advertising manager, IBM Corporation, and Kim Duffy, senior partner, executive group director, Ogilvy & Mather, discussed the appearance of IBM’s Watson on Jeopardy! in 2011.

Intel: The Creator's Project

Dave Haroldsen, creative director, The Creator's Project, global partner marketing, Intel Corporation, discussed how Intel helped to build The Creator's Project in order to make a connection with 18- to 24-year-olds.

Macerich and Fiat Case Study

Arlan Tarhan, president and CEO, Convergent Alliance, and Jalina Law, assistant vice president, business development, The Macerich Company, discussed how Fiat creatively used inline mall space to drive sales of the new Fiat 500.

Yahoo! Case Study: Westin Hotels

Westin Hotels saw a huge boost in search activity, brand perception and site visits resulting from its purchase of a complete Yahoo! mail login takeover ad.

Case Studies: Leveraging Digital in an Omni-Channel World

Breana Roides, associate product director, Vistakon, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc., and Ben Kennedy, group director, mobile, Integer, discussed how Vistakon created a digital marketing campaign, utilizing a shopper marketing framework, which increased its category awareness.

Case Study: How Sprint Engaged the Mobile Shopper

Wayne Willis, marketing manager, retail wholesale services, Sprint Nextel Corporation, shared a case study on how Sprint helped to develop a private label wireless solution for Kroger, aimed at engaging its mobile shoppers and enhancing customer loyalty.

Oreo Case Study: Using Social to Create Real-Time Currency

Cindy Chen, marketing director, OREO, Kraft Foods, Inc., and Sarah Hofstetter, president, 360i, discussed how Oreo uses social media to capture the attention of consumers.

OAAA Case Study: Wranglers

Wranglers used out-of-home co-op advertising to reach Hispanic consumers, despite a declining budget.

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