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Oreo Case Study: Using Social to Create Real-Time Currency

Cindy Chen, marketing director, OREO, Kraft Foods, Inc., and Sarah Hofstetter, president, 360i, discussed how Oreo uses social media to capture the attention of consumers.

OAAA Case Study: Wranglers

Wranglers used out-of-home co-op advertising to reach Hispanic consumers, despite a declining budget.

Diageo Uses Digital, Social, and Physical to Own Nightlife Globally

Michelle Klein, vice president, content, digital and communications, Smirnoff, Diageo North America, Inc., and Wayne Arnold, co-founder and global chief executive officer, Profero LLC, discussed Diageo’s Nightlife Exchange Project, which is rooted in social media.

OAAA Case Study: Starbucks [Archived]

Starbucks used out-of-home advertising to maintain its leadership position in the beverage market.

OAAA Case Study: Morningstar Self Storage

Morningstar Self-Storage used out-of-home advertising to differentiate itself in a competitive category.

OAAA Case Study: Jelly Belly

Jelly Belly used out-of-home advertising to launch a new product with a limited advertising budget.

MillerCoors Case Study

Brittany Tall, digital media manager, MillerCoors, LLC, described the how their new spokesman, Keith Stone, and the “Always Smooth” campaign successfully engaged fans and created an affinity for the Keystone Light brand.

OAAA Case Study: Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente used out-of-home advertising to increase brand awareness during annual health insurance open enrollment periods.

United Airlines: Advergaming Case Study

Aaron Stash, brand manager, United MileagePlus, discussed how United Airlines’ Optathlon campaign used mobile advergaming to engage its customers with real-world rewards, while raising awareness and driving revenue on ancillary travel products.

United Airlines: Team USA Sponsorship Case Study

Samantha Petti, senior manager of global advertising, United Airlines, Inc., discussed the “Fly Me to London” sweepstakes promotion that supported the company’s sponsorship of the US Olympic Committee.

DPAA Case Study: Hotels.com

This DPAA (Digital Place-Based Advertising Association) case study highlights how Hotels.com utilized digital location-specific advertising as a campaign component and drove significant interest, action, and ad recall as a result.

Navy 4 Moms: Social Branding Case Study

Kathleen Donald, president and managing director, Campbell Ewald, presented a case study on an interesting new social platform the agency created for the U.S. Navy that stretches beyond the view that social media is only for Millennials. Designed to address moms’ negative fear about their children joining the military, the campaign succeeded in creating a community of 63,000 moms that helped remove parental barriers to Navy recruitment.

Bolthouse Farms: How Baby Carrots Became the New Junk Food

Bryan Reese, chief marketing and innovation officer, Bolthouse Farms, discussed the debut of a highly successful campaign to position baby carrots as the new junk food.

Xilinx Case Study: Using Customer Insights to Launch a New Product to a New Market

Kyra Whitten, senior director, worldwide communications, Xilinx, discussed the recent launch of Xilinx’s new product, Zynq.

The Faith-Based Market: Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Case Study

Melanie Few, president, Results Inc., Natara Holloway, VP retail development & consumer products, NFL, Marla Jones, client relations & management, Results Inc., and Telisa Yancy, director, advertising, American Family Insurance, discussed ways to respectfully reach the faith-based market segment and presented a case study example of a partnership between the NFL and American Family Insurance for the Super Bowl Gospel Celebration.

DPAA Case Study: Naturally Nora, Inc.

This DPAA (Digital Place-Based Advertising Association) case study highlights how Naturally Nora, a new brand of all-natural baking mixes, built brand awareness and generated product trial through the use of Adspace targeted mall advertising.

OAAA Case Study: McDonald’s Angus Burger

McDonald’s used out-of-home advertising to generate excitement around the launch of the Angus burger in 2009.

DPAA Case Study: Maker’s Mark

This DPAA (Digital Place-Based Advertising Association) case study highlights how Maker’s Mark utilized digital place-based advertising in order to connect with consumers and drive measurable engagement and results.

OAAA Case Study: Reebok RealFlex

In 2011, Reebok used out-of-home advertising to help educate the public about the benefits of its new RealFlex sneaker.

Embracing Customer Insights to Create Successful Experiential Marketing Platforms

Eddie Newquist, EVP, chief creative officer, shared how GES leverages customer insights to create effective experiential marketing programs. A case study for the Disney film “Bolt” was also shared.

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