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Can Traditional and Digital Media Play Nicely Together in the Same Sandbox?

A panel of leading media professionals from Colgate, Sun Products, and the ABC family of networks shared their thoughts on integrating online and offline media for a more immersive consumer experience.

The Mechanics of Music Licensing

Elliot Lum and Jasmine Martin of the Columbia Records Creative Agency share a number of best practices and case studies from brands who used music to effectively bring their campaign to a whole new level.

How Adobe Helps Marketers and Its Own Brand with CMO.com

Dan Berthiaume, principal of CMO Communications at Adobe, shared how Adobe is using CMO.com to strengthen its brand, and best practices for getting the most out of content marketing.

Marketing Procurement: Building a Relationship With Marketing and Other Centralized Services

Anna Maria Pochatko, operations manager of corporate communications at American International Group, Inc., discussed the importance of having an open line of communications and building the right relationships with marketing and other internal resources in order to evolve to a successful joint partnership.

Chief Marketing Officers on a High

According to the February 2014 edition of The CMO Survey of marketing leaders, CMO optimism for the U.S. economy reached its highest point in five years.

What Marketers Need to Know About DSPs (Demand-Side Platforms)

Forrester Research, Inc. and [x + 1] shared insights about demand-side platforms (DSPs), systems that allow buyers of digital advertising inventory to manage multiple ad exchange and data exchange accounts through one interface.

What Marketers Need to Know About DSPs (Demand-Side Platforms)

In this webinar video, Forrester Research, Inc. and [x + 1] shared insights about demand-side platforms (DSPs), systems that allow buyers of digital advertising inventory to manage multiple ad exchange and data exchange accounts through one interface.

AutoNation: Rebranding a Large Organization Filled with ‘Armchair CMOs’

Greg Revelle, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at AutoNation, Inc., shared the company’s experiences — both positive and negative — in rebranding a large organization full of “armchair CMOs.”

Chobani: From Category Disruptor to Market Leader

Peter McGuinness, chief marketing and brand officer at Chobani, shared how Chobani is building a marketing infrastructure to maintain the brand’s No. 1 position.

Taco Bell: Ad Age Marketer of the Year

Chris Brandt, CMO at Taco Bell, shared how the successful “Live más” platform was designed and executed to highlight innovation and address shifting consumer behaviors and food culture.

An Inside Look at Millennials

Recent recipients of the ANA Rising Marketing Star Award offered real-world advice and examples of effective ways to engage with the elusive Millennial audience.

Dunkin’ Brands: Driving Brand Innovation

Christopher Fuqua, vice president of brand marketing at Dunkin’ Brands, Inc., shared how the brand leveraged consumer insights to develop a cross-channel integrated marketing approach.

Mizuno USA: Straight from the Heart Marketing

As a value-driven brand, Mizuno believes that sport is transformative, and as such, has brought this passion to life across all of its divisions.

Millennial Marketing

Millennials are the first generation of digital natives. They expect unlimited choice, customized service and products, and extremely fast delivery of goods. They share experiences, retail and otherwise, more than any other group of consumers. This insight brief offers a deeper understanding on how to engage with the largest and most influential generation of consumers in history.

What’s on Every Advertiser’s Mind: Big Content

Kristi VandenBosch, chief digital officer of Meredith Xcelerated Marketing, discussed the development of a content mapping process for a brand’s digital ecosystem and provided advice on how brands can reorient themselves around a content-first approach.

Real-Time Marketing

Connecting with consumers in real time has more to do with a brand’s day-to-day activities than one “big moment.” This Insight Brief explores best practices in organization, strategy, and content for success in real-time marketing. Learn how brands like MasterCard and Coca-Cola have created real-time command centers to maximize social listening and engagement.


In order to keep up with a rapidly changing market, it’s crucial for brands to constantly seek new ways to innovate and evolve, not only in messaging, but as a company. In this Insight Brief, top marketers discussed the challenges, opportunities, trends and best practices involved in creating a truly innovative marketing campaign.

Marketing Organization

This Insight Brief discusses the evolving roles of the CMO and marketing teams as companies reorganize to achieve digital excellence. Learn the eight essentials to building an all-star social team, the five ways companies organize for social, and how B-to-B structures are changing. Case studies from Brown-Forman, Avon, and GE are also shared.

Banking on Customer Growth through Technology

In this Q&A, Arthur Smith, EVP & CMO, Union Bank, and David Macdonald, VP of financial services, SAS, discuss building brand and customer loyalty and how technology is changing the role of the CMO.

SAS: Evolving Role of the CMO

In this article SAS and Argyle Executive Forum discussed effective marketing strategies and the evolving role of the chief marketing officer (CMO).

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