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Healthy Metrics

Cleveland Clinic is setting the pace for capturing marketing effectiveness. Just as it tracks metrics on how successfully it treats patients, Cleveland Clinic also reports on the outcomes of its marketing and communications.

Rekindling the American Dream

PulteGroup’s Deborah Wahl Meyer is revolutionizing real estate marketing and the way that Americans buy homes. She also shares her seven pillars of success.

The Diversity Dilemma

While increasing diversity in the industry continues to be a hot-button issue, ANA members like Dell, IBM, and Visa are responding to the challenge. Five best practices offer ways to create a more diverse workplace.

The Moving Walkway to the Digital Marketing Hub

Once a brand decides to address its enterprise challenges with a Digital Marketing Hub, three steps are in order. Develop a maturity model, clean up processes, and integrate creative.

Too Much Data?

While the reams of new data can be difficult to manage, harvesting it can lead to more effective marketing campaigns. Learn how data analysis led to the "Green Line" campaign from Fidelity.

Worldly View

Read about insights from AB InBev CMO Chris Burggraeve on marketing to a global audience. He covers global strategy implementation, new media platforms, and more.

Beer: The Real Social Network

Chris Burggraeve, chief marketing officer, Anheuser-Busch InBev, described how the world’s leading brewer has helped people connect in real life for thousands of years and how the company is now fusing physical and virtual social networks to drive brand growth.

CMO Conversation with Esther Lee from AT&T Inc.

In this webinar, Becky Saeger, former CMO, Charles Schwab, had an in-depth conversation with Esther Lee, senior vice president, Brand Marketing and Advertising, AT&T Inc.

What Keeps Global Marketers Awake at Night?

Johan Jervoe, vice president, creative & digital marketing services, Intel Corporation, and Kris Sirchio, chief marketing officer, Brown-Forman, discussed their experiences and insights as global marketers in a panel discussion led by Marc de Swaan Arons, founder and chairman, EffectiveBrands.

Macy’s Case Study: Engaging the Omni-Channel Shopper

Jennifer Kasper, GVP, digital/new media & multicultural marketing, Macy's, Stephanie Lawrence, partner, group director, MEC:, and Allie Kline, CMO, 33Across, shared case studies that drove engagement and ownership of the Macy's brand through social media.

Avidan Strategies: Client/Agency Relationships Survey

Avi Dan, founder and president, Avidan Strategies, LLC, highlighted findings from a recent study fielded among senior marketers and procurement executives in order to establish a benchmark regarding the overall level of satisfaction clients are finding with their agencies and the resulting increase in agency reviews.

Samsung: A Marketer’s Views on the Video Revolution

Ralph Santana, senior vice president and chief marketing officer, Samsung Electronics, North America discussed what new video technology is making possible, how the consumer experience is changing, and what this means for marketers.

Onsite Insight: Ralph Santana

Ralph Santana, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Samsung Electronics North America at the 2012 ANA TV & Everything Video Forum Agenda speaks with Barry Garbarino, Senior Director of Marketing & Creative Director of the ANA, about current trends in video marketing.

CMO Conversation with Karen Quintos from Dell Inc.

In this webinar, Becky Saeger, former CMO, Charles Schwab, had an in-depth conversation with Karen Quintos, senior vice president and chief marketing officer, Dell Inc.

It's England Time

MillerCoors relies on marketing pro Andy England to build market share while leveraging the brewer's unique stable of brands. England shares best practices for guiding the brand forward and discusses a partnership with the National Hockey League.

Marketing Middleware

While short CMO tenure has become a widely accepted way of life, often there's a fundamental issue at play. Marketing middleware is the glue that connects business strategy and marketing execution, and it's a necessity in order for CMOs to succeed.

Case Study: Macy’s Winter Beach Party Woos Millennials

Robin Reibel, group vice president, Macy's, and Jean McLaren, executive vice president, MARC USA, described how Macy's staged a winter spring break promotion to connect with Millennials, an elusive and coveted demographic.

CMO Conversation with Jon Iwata from IBM

In this webinar, Becky Saeger, former CMO, Charles Schwab, had an in-depth conversation with Jon Iwata, senior vice president, Marketing and Communications, IBM.

Mastering Your 118: The Importance of the Elevator Pitch

Written by former CMO Jeffrey Hayzlett, this ANA Insight Brief can help marketers create an elevator pitch in five easy steps.

New Agency Model: Media Company as Agency

Meredith, one of the nation’s leading media companies, has transformed itself into a player on Madison Avenue with Meredith Xcelerated Marketing. Keith Sedlak, chief marketing officer, Meredith Xcelerated Marketing, shared the thinking and strategy behind this new agency model.

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