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  • Millennial Marketing

    Insight Briefs   February 24, 2014  

    Millennials are the first generation of digital natives. They expect unlimited choice, customized service and products, and extremely fast delivery of goods. They share experiences, retail and otherwise, more than any other group of consumers. This insight brief offers a deeper understanding on how to engage with the largest and most influential generation of consumers in history.

  • What’s on Every Advertiser’s Mind: Big Content

    Event Recaps   February 13, 2014  

    Kristi VandenBosch, chief digital officer of Meredith Xcelerated Marketing, discussed the development of a content mapping process for a brand’s digital ecosystem and provided advice on how brands can reorient themselves around a content-first approach.

  • Real-Time Marketing

    Insight Briefs   January 17, 2014  

    Connecting with consumers in real time has more to do with a brand’s day-to-day activities than one “big moment.” This Insight Brief explores best practices in organization, strategy, and content for success in real-time marketing. Learn how brands like MasterCard and Coca-Cola have created real-time command centers to maximize social listening and engagement.

  • Innovation

    Insight Briefs   December 31, 2013  

    In order to keep up with a rapidly changing market, it’s crucial for brands to constantly seek new ways to innovate and evolve, not only in messaging, but as a company. In this Insight Brief, top marketers discussed the challenges, opportunities, trends and best practices involved in creating a truly innovative marketing campaign.

  • Marketing Organization

    Insight Briefs   August 22, 2013  

    This Insight Brief discusses the evolving roles of the CMO and marketing teams as companies reorganize to achieve digital excellence. Learn the eight essentials to building an all-star social team, the five ways companies organize for social, and how B-to-B structures are changing. Case studies from Brown-Forman, Avon, and GE are also shared.

  • Banking on Customer Growth through Technology

    SAS   May 26, 2013  

    In this Q&A, Arthur Smith, EVP & CMO, Union Bank, and David Macdonald, VP of financial services, SAS, discuss building brand and customer loyalty and how technology is changing the role of the CMO.

  • SAS: Evolving Role of the CMO

    SAS   May 20, 2013  

    In this article SAS and Argyle Executive Forum discussed effective marketing strategies and the evolving role of the chief marketing officer (CMO).

  • Big Data’s Biggest Role: Aligning the CMO & CIO

    Knowledge Partners   May 14, 2013  

    In this piece SAS discusses how big data can promote the alignment and partnership of the CMO and the CIO by delivering deep insights, customer and market intelligence, and understanding of operational efficiencies.

  • State of Marketing 2012: The CMO Council Calls 2013 "The Year of the Marketer"

    The Internationalist   March 1, 2013  

    Headlines continue to ask about the life expectancy of the CMO, many times questioning if the position and the title should still exist. However, the CMO believes that is long past, and states inequitably that 2013 will be the year of the marketer.

  • Networked Insights: CMO Guide to Super Bowl Marketing

    Knowledge Partners   February 5, 2013  

    In this report Networked Insights examines real-time Super Bowl social data and discusses how marketers can utilize similar data to gain a competitive advantage with strategic planning for special events and ongoing marketing efforts.

  • Walmart’s Game-Changing Innovation Approach

    Event Recaps   January 30, 2013  

    Stephen Quinn, EVP and chief marketing officer at Walmart, shared his team’s three-pronged approach to innovation and how Walmart is leading from the front with key initiatives like “SoLoMo.”

  • Cleveland Clinic: Building a Global Brand through Trusted Content

    Event Recaps   January 29, 2013  

    Paul Matsen, chief marketing and communications officer at the Cleveland Clinic, and Cynthia Galbincea, executive director, marketing communications, at Cleveland Clinic, discussed the challenges facing the healthcare industry and how the clinic’s historical commitment to measurement has helped it achieve marketing excellence.

  • Creativity: How to Get the Best Work

    Insight Briefs   November 29, 2012  

    This ANA Insight Brief contains tips from Mars Chocolate and Advertising Age on how to drive innovation and creativity. Read about the next generation of creative roles and what’s next from Google’s Creative Lab. Case studies from Crayola, TerraCycle, and Seattle’s Best Coffee are also included.

  • TV and Video: Adapting to the Changing Media Landscape

    Insight Briefs   November 20, 2012  

    Featuring case studies from A+E Networks, Corning Incorporated, and Mattel, this ANA Insight Brief discusses the promise of interactive TV, the prominence of the second and third screen, and how to build brands with online video. Survey research by ANA and Forrester on the future of TV and video advertising is also included.

  • Evidon: AdAge: The Real Impact of Do Not Track

    Knowledge Partners   November 14, 2012  

    In this AdAge article, Scott Meyer, CEO of Evidon, shared his view on the impact to marketers of Do Not Track legislation and the release of Microsoft's Internet Explorer 10 with Do Not Track as the default setting.

  • CMOs Seek Solutions

    Spotlight   November 1, 2012  

    The CMO Club surveyed 170 chief marketing officers in August 2012 on their digital video plans and the impact on 2013 TV upfronts and broadcast media investments. Learn how CMOs are shifting their investments and directing their agencies.

  • Digital Video to Impact 2013 Spend by CMOs

    DPAA   October 1, 2012  

    In this white paper the CMO Club summarizes results from their survey of 170 chief marketing officers (CMOs) on their digital video plans and the impact on the 2013 TV Upfronts and broadcast media investments.

  • The Evolving Role of the Chief Marketing Officer

    Knowledge Partners   September 20, 2012  

    This article from Spencer Stuart looks at how the responsibilities of the CMO have evolved in the hospitality and leisure industries.

  • Honey, I Shrunk the Marketing Message

    Knowledge Partners   August 16, 2012  

    This article from Merkle shares 10 tips for creating marketing messages that will resonate with today’s time-pressed consumer.

  • Changing Places: The Challenges and Benefits of a CMO Making a Sector Transition

    Knowledge Partners   June 27, 2012  

    Spencer Stuart interviewed 39 CMOs who had made a sector transition in order to learn about their experiences in and reasons for making this type of change.


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