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Legal Affairs: A Changing Environment

Topics covered in this ANA Insight Brief include self-regulation and online privacy issues, green marketing and the government, online behavioral targeting, and the emergence of cloud computing.

Hillshire Farm: Multicultural Millennial Marketing

Ricki Fairley-Brown, CMO, Images Group USA, shared some thought-provoking statistics on the Millennial generation and multicultural millennials in particular, while Sean Sheelan, brand manager, Hillshire Farm, presented a case study that was targeted at multicultural Millennial moms.

Measure Your Leverage

Use this three-step method to boost your marketing spend while keeping the CFO in line with your objectives.

Pushing the Envelope

CMO Mark Addicks leads General Mills' lineup of culinary superheroes like Betty Crocker and Jolly Green Giant into the digital age of social networking.

Structured Approach

Today's brand managers face a fragmented media landscape where they must be project managers and marketers.

Audi: The Return on Bravery

Scott Keogh, chief marketing officer, Audi of America Inc., and Paul Venables, founder and creative director, Venables Bell & Partners, discussed how Audi has reinvented itself in the U.S. over the past four years.

Gatorade's Transformational Creativity

Sarah Robb O'Hagan, chief marketing officer, Gatorade, PepsiCo Inc., and Stanley Hainsworth, chairman and chief creative officer, Tether, discussed Gatorade's recent creative transformation.

Final Say: The Integration Imperative

With more tools than ever at their disposal, marketers need to integrate across all channels.

From The Top: Getting It Right

At the 2010 Masters of Marketing Conference, the clear message was to get brand management right.

Insights and Executions—Moving the Multicultural Dialogue Forward [Archived]

A panel of marketers discussed findings of a study on the multicultural Millennials segment and described how McDonald's uses ethnic insights to connect with both the multicultural and general markets.

General Mills: Winning with Multicultural Consumers

Mark Addicks, SVP & CMO of General Mills, showcases General Mills' approach to multicultural marketing, steps taken over the past four years to cultivate these consumer segments, and plans to continue building relationships in the future.

Amway: Building Business the American Way

Candace Matthews, chief marketing officer of Amway, discussed how the company’s versatile marketing strategies—centered on a culture of brand acceptance and regional sales models that blend innovation, technology, and interpersonal relationships—have led to the brand’s recent successes in emerging markets.

Darden Restaurants: Formula for Growth

John Caron, chief marketing officer, Darden Restaurants, discussed how Darden manages their six, very different brands successfully.

Samsung: Experimental Marketing Driving Business Growth [Archived]

Ralph Santana, senior vice president and chief marketing officer, Samsung Electronics North America, discussed how Samsung is working to meet its goal of attaining $400 billion in revenue by 2020.

CMO/Agency CEO Roundtable

A panel of brand CMOs and agency CEOs debated a variety of issues that impact the client/agency relationship including procurement, compensation, and digital media.

Geico: Un-Boring Insurance [Archived]

Ted Ward, chief marketing officer and vice president of marketing, Geico Auto Insurance, and John Adams, chairman and chief executive officer, The Martin Agency, Inc., discussed how Geico has made selling car insurance fun through their innovative ad campaigns.

Loyal Investors Encourage Fidelity Expansion [Archived]

Jim Speros, executive vice president and chief marketing officer, Fidelity Investments, discussed Fidelity’s highly successful “green line” campaign.

RIM Races to the Top [Archived]

As consumers continue to rely on BlackBerry as a secure way to communicate, Research in Motion (RIM) is sticking to its proven methods for achievement. RIM CMO, Keith Pardy, and Starcom MediaVest CEO, Laura Desmond, discussed their strategy, relationship, and formula for success.

Dell: Building a Brand that Endures [Archived]

Erin Nelson, former SVP and CMO at Dell Inc., and Karen Quintos, SVP and CMO at Dell, Inc. discussed the company’s journey in evolving its brand to deliver results that endure over time and support business growth.

Kellogg's Pop-Tarts: A Consumer Journey Through the Media Lens of Paid, Owned, and Earned

Mark Baynes, vice president and global chief marketing officer at Kellogg’s, demonstrated how Pop-Tarts uses paid, owned, and earned media to connect with its target consumers.

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