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Procter & Gamble: Purpose Inspired Brand Building

Marc Pritchard, global marketing officer at The Procter & Gamble Company, explained how his company is implementing purpose inspired brand building to deliver market share growth and increased sales in targeted consumer markets.

Final Say: Boomers Coming of Age

The baby boomer generation is redefining what it means to be retired. As the first baby boomers inch closer to turning 65, it’s important for brands to understand how they differ from generations past.

Outrigger Case Study: Integrated Media Test

Robert L. Solomon, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at Outrigger Enterprises Group, shared a case study of his brand's outcomes and insights from an integrated marketing test that ensued after he rejected agency recommendations and dismissed publishers' proprietary research claims.

On the Battlefield: How Mazda Uses Metrics and Creativity Online [Archived]

Don Romano, CMO at Mazda North American Operations, and Patrick Sarkissian, CEO at Sarkissian Mason, provided an overview of the way creative ideas online are influenced by metrics and analysis.

Subway's Fresh Take on Branded Message Integration

Tony Pace, senior vice president and chief marketing officer of the Subway Franchisee Advertising Fund Trust, discussed how Subway is using branded message integration to better connect with consumers.

Fresh Thinking

Subway CMO Tony Pace relies on thematic brand messaging to get the most from his marketing budget.

The Hallmarks of a Visionary Marketer [Archived]

Are you a visionary marketer? If you answered yes, you could be mistaken. That's one of the key findings of the ANA's State of Marketing Survey, which asked 150 marketers about the role of marketing in their organizations.

Walmart: Saving Money, Living Better, Accelerating Growth

Stephen F. Quinn, executive vice president and chief marketing officer, Walmart U.S., Walmart, discussed Walmart's efforts to continue to provide their customers with solutions that will allow them to "save money, live better" during this economic downturn.

CNN's Black in America/Latino in America

A panel of industry experts shared their insights on CNN's series focusing on race in America and discussed what lessons the series might hold for marketers.

Targeting the C-Suite [Archived]

This presentation reviews the conclutions of the Wall Street Journal's "Boardroom Connections" study on the technology habits of U.S. senior executives.

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