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Sourcing PR

According a 2009 WFA survey, nearly 60% of marketers plan to change how they compensate their PR agency in the near future.

Public Relations Firms Roundtable

Members of the Council of Public Relations Firms discussed issues related to PR agency compensation models, PR agency overhead, evaluating PR firms, social media, and how procurement and PR firms can better work together.

What You Won't Learn about PR from Watching Mad Men

Find out the five ways advertisers can optimize marketing public relations efforts and what mistakes not to make.

Reach a Wider Audience

These five best practices for digital media use in public relations help brands extend their reach and manage their reputations. It's more important than ever for marketers to master the digital space in a world where Twitter, email, and Facebook are key communication platforms.

Vespa Hires a PR Firm

This case study explains how PR firm CooperKatz developed the Vespanomics PR campaign for Vespa, helping to drive sales and increase Vespa's market share.

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