Cause-Related Marketing

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Cause and Effect

This article explores how cause marketing can be used to win loyal customers provides some general guidelines to improve your chances for a successful campaign.

USA Freedom Corps Encourages Volunteer Service

The author describes the many volunteer programs established under the USA Freedom Corps, created by President Bush to help Americans find ways to give back to their communities and to strengthen volunteer service.

For AT&T, Golf is More Than Just a Game

How AT&T uses golf as a business-building event.

Pedigree Adoption Drive

Pedigree set out to prove to the world that it was more than just a dog food company; it needed to prove it was a dog loving company. So, the brand gave a voice to the millions of dogs around the world who need it most: those in need of homes.

The Night the World Went Dark

How do we get individuals to actually do something about global warming without using fear? We gave everyone regardless of age, race, religion or social standing a simple solution: to turn off their lights for 1 hour, as a symbolic stand against global warming.

Veteran Support

Of the nearly 2 million veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, almost 1/3 struggle with serious mental health issues. Although receiving early care is crucial to treatment, most veterans worry seeking help is a sign of weakness. Our challenge was to drive awareness and traffic to a new social network where veterans could unite and help each others' transitions home.

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