Consumer & Market Research

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Market Research Agency Selection Tool

Use this tool to help you select a firm for your market research initiative.

Market Research Analysis Decision Matrix

Use this template to identify and document the types of analysis you will use to analyze data collected from a market research initiative.

Market Research Analyst Job Description

A template to quickly document the role and responsibilities for this position.

Market Research Capabilities Assessment

This tool will help you evaluate your organization's market research maturity level.

Market Research Decision Problem Checklist

Use this tool to connect your decision problem, exploratory research and resulting hypothesis to create a Research Problem Statement.

Market Research Methodology

Use this step-by-step planning methodology and set of 31 premium tools and templates to create a comprehensive market research process, report & presentation.

Market Research Presentation Template

Use this template to professionally document your market research study and its findings when presenting them to your executive team.

Market Research Project Management Tool

Use this template to track all of the tasks associated with your market research project.

Market Research Report Template

A formal report template that will help you communicate findings from a market research project.

Market Research RFP Template

A template to create an request for proposal (RFP) for market research support services.

Market Segmentation and Analysis Tool

A tool to help you select the markets that represent the best opportunity for your organization.

Marketing Research Database Template

Use this template to identify the top market research firms to assist you with your market research efforts.

Marketing Research Decision and Research Problem

Use this tool to identify and define the decision problem (opportunity) for a market research effort.

Marketing Research Strategy Scorecard

This strategy scorecard will help you identify and document your market research objectives for the next 12-18 months.

Participant Profile Form

Use this tool to retrieve vital information from participants that will be engaging in your focus group.

Product Features Prioritization Tool

Use this tool to logically survey the value of each feature from the 3 key user perspectives.

Product Roadmap Template

A template to analyze market needs, trends, products, and technology required to produce new products.

Research Conclusion Prioritization Tool

Use this tool to evaluate a series of research conclusions and find which conclusions will be helpful in gaining a better market position.

Research Consensus Ranking Tool

Use this tool to gain a consensus on the buy-in for an upcoming market research initiative.

Research Methods Comparison Template

Use this tool to gain knowledge on the different types of research design & research methods and to select the proper research methods for your market research study.

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