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Wearables to Surpass 19 Million Units in 2014

The market for "intelligent accessories" is moving past the early adopter phase and will soon gain traction with the general public due to a growing interest in devices such as the Nike+ FuelBand and FitBit.

Brand Engagement in the Participation Age

To inform marketers’ engagement strategy, Advertising Age and Google conducted two surveys in parallel. Six core insights from these surveys will help evaluate, modify, and actively manage an online engagement strategy.

Interruptive Ads Preferred, but Upstaged by Native Units

According to a new study on high-impact ads conducted by Ipsos ASI on behalf of Undertone, while the online ad industry falls deeper in love with native ads that fade into the background of web pages, consumers prefer ads that get in their face by taking over their computer screens.

Five Trends That Will Define Branded Video in 2014

Branded video reached new heights in 2013. More than 38 percent of new campaigns achieved more than one million views in 2013, compared with 26 percent in the year prior.


In order to keep up with a rapidly changing market, it’s crucial for brands to constantly seek new ways to innovate and evolve, not only in messaging, but as a company. In this Insight Brief, top marketers discussed the challenges, opportunities, trends and best practices involved in creating a truly innovative marketing campaign.

Brand USA Case Study

Brand USA used Engagement Ads to create a beautiful, immersive and interactive travel guide inspiring tourists to come “Discover America.”

Connected to the City

Nissan utilized the mobile app Shazam to lead consumers to a mobile site about its newest car through interacting with the campaign’s TV commercial.

Human Potential

Microsoft tapped into LinkedIn’s capabilities to show business decision-makers how the Microsoft Dynamics applications could help unlock their true business potential.

LeFun Run: GPS Marathon Webcast

To increase awareness and participation in running, Lenovo developed an app that tracked data and mapped runners’ courses.

Move On

Deutsche Telekom produced a film heavily shaped by participating consumers in an effort to differentiate itself from other mobile brands.

Digital Place-based Drives Video Neutral Plans

With traditional TV audiences continuing to fragment, marketers are broadly adopting a “video neutral” approach to advertising in order to capitalize on this radical change in consumer behavior.

Environment Matters

The power of digital place-based media cannot be overlooked. Media can capture us at any time during the day as valuable consumer audiences travel — while going to school, grocery shopping, out to dinner, or even on a plane.

Where the Consumers Are

Defined as video programming on screens in places where consumers have “dwell time,” digital place-based advertising targets audiences in a unique way. Marketers are increasingly looking to reap the benefits.

A Better Island Vacation

To shift the definition of what an “island vacation” means in the minds of consumers, British Airways and Visit Britain created a mobile campaign based on an iconic London sight — the Royal Guards — that encouraged viral buzz.

Audi A3 iPad App

Audi created an iPad app that matched the look and feel of its new A3 model to encourage users to take the car for a test drive.

Cell Phone Dreams

Sprint used a new type of mobile technology to revamp the standard movie theater PSA about turning off cell phones and created a unique mobile experience for users.

Delta Ads-in-Apps

Delta used Microsoft’s Ads-in-Apps strategy (which is part of Windows 8) to find new ways to capture the attention of its audience via their mobile devices.

Fake Video Phone Call

To promote the fourth installment of the horror franchise Paranormal Activity, marketers created a rich media ad that “haunted” users’ phones.

FIFA13 Tesco

Tesco used location-based mobile technologies to drive users to Tesco retail stores and increase sales of the new FIFA13 video game that was for sale in Tesco locations.

Ford B-MAX Launch

Ford España (Ford Spain) used rich media to introduce a new vehicle model, illustrating new safety features and ease of vehicle access to build awareness and purchase consideration.

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