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The Rise of the Savvy Shopper: The Impact of the Recession on Customer Loyalty

As a result of the 2008 global economic recession, 64% of consumers in the U.K. now participate in loyalty programs and 66% use coupons or vouchers when shopping.

Why Mobile? Seven Tactics for a Killer Strategy

As mobile marketing grows in importance, marketers must also begin to consider the role that local mobile strategies play in their mix.

Get Away With It

People know JetBlue as an airline, but they don’t know that JetBlue offers flights, hotels, wheels and more via their JetBlue Getaways product. Our approach: break through the clutter and encourage participation with Getaways in a way that is uniquely JetBlue with the first-ever online game show.

A Hunt for Happiness delivers happiness by surprising consumers with the unexpected lengths they will go to put a smile on their face. The Happy Hunt delivered happiness to an entire community — Portland, Oregon, rated by some as the unhappiest city in America.

Be One with the Wild

The Atlanta Boy Scouts needed to stop a declining trend of poor annual recruitment numbers that has lead to packs shutting down and brought funding to halt. And their only means of recruitment is a poster in elementary school hallways. They would need something that would stop young boys in their tracks and make the Boy Scouts cool and relevant again.

Be The Thunder

The Tampa Bay Lightning NHL team needed to overcome its fair-weather fan syndrome and engage a fan base to impact ticket sales. By asking fans to Be The Thunder, we energized the brand and its fans, ultimately increasing attendance, engagement and season ticket sales, despite fewer wins that season.

Break Up

Feminine Care category leader P&G saw U by Kotex's (UBK) successful launch as a threat. In response, they unveiled an attack campaign targeting the effectiveness of UBK's products, slowing trial and hurting girls' confidence in UBK. UBK called attention to issues in the category and asked girls to demand better by "breaking up" with their current products and trying something new.


To drive sales and raise awareness of Brisk Iced Tea with its millennial male target, we turned Brisk from a beverage brand into a true entertainment source. At the heart of the campaign was Brisksaber, a simple, addictive, branded mobile gaming app. To tie the game to sales, the app rewarded fans by unlocking new content when they redeemed under-the-cap codes from bottles.

Built By Heart

Chobani was the leader in the now wildly popular Greek yogurt category. Despite this, somehow only half of the country knew who they were. It was time to change that. At the heart of Chobani’s remarkable success was an inspiring American dream story that deserved to be told on an equally inspiring stage — the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Cadillac ATS vs. the World

For the first time in years, Cadillac was launching an entrant into the lucrative compact luxury car segment — the Cadillac ATS. The ATS would help disrupt and reinvent all the Cadillac stereotypes. By positioning the ATS as a challenger brand, in a category that was desperate for one, Cadillac created a number-one contender that could credibly challenge the champ for the first time.

California Lottery Black Lady Luck

Due to a signed bill in 2010, the California Lottery was able to sweeten Scratchers® payouts for players. With more money on the table, higher expectations were placed on sales of pricier $5 Scratchers®. Enter California Lottery Black, a campaign that is mysterious, sophisticated and edgy — a bold departure from the colorful advertising (and tickets) that typically dominates the category.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, “The Vet and the n00b”

With the launch of Modern Warfare 3, the brand set out to create the biggest entertainment launch of all time. With tapped outlets for growth, Call of Duty ignited its disparate audiences with one insight; the fun isn't in winning, it's in the progression. The brand invited the world to join in the thrill of becoming a badass.

CCS PSA Campaign

The College for Creative Studies came to us with a vexing problem — information session attendance was the surest way to convert a potential student into an enrolled student. Taking advantage of CCS' biggest disadvantage, their quirky location, we developed a unique voice in a segment that takes itself very seriously.

CDW: Making IT Work

CDW was perceived as a box pusher of technology. They needed to showcase their higher level solution expertise in order to grow their business. They needed to show that they Get IT. By showing the human side of solutions through humorous analogies, CDW solutions revenue grew a remarkable 15 percent over the same year-ago period.


By 2017 Chief Marketing Officers will spend more on technology than Chief Information Officers — creating a critical new audience for IBM. With CMOs adapting to data-based approaches, we positioned IBM as their essential partner, defining its differentiated POV on marketing.

Choco Taco

When Klondike introduced its Choco Taco to grocers’ freezers, it needed to maintain its #1 position in the U.S. and increase sales in Canada. Extending Klondike bar’s successful “5 Seconds to Glory” campaign to Choco Taco piqued the interest of a receptive audience. Klondike held its #1 U.S. position, sales in Canada increased 42%, and demand for Choco Taco was so high that Klondike pulled the advertising to avoid running out.

Chocolate Milk: Refuel

Chocolate Milk, America’s Favorite Treat, was under attack for contributing to childhood obesity — shunned by parents and schools alike. To de-villainize Chocolate Milk, we had to de-stigmatize it.

Corona Extra: Finding Our Beach

Through the Find your Beach effort, Corona Extra broke out of being typecast for beach-like occasions to being invited to occasions it's never been asked to before. Find Your Beach turned around four years of consistent declines, resulting in double digit growth (15.3 percent) and 7 straight months of positive sales during the brand's historical fall/winter off-season.

Cultivate A Better World

Chipotle is known for its burritos, but few know that Chipotle has radically changed fast food. The brand asked its agency to tell Chipotle's story. The result was a content driven marketing platform, "Cultivate a Better World," designed to emotionally engage customers in Chipotle's journey to create a sustainable future.

Day One: Painting a Real Picture of Retirement in America

Prudential's Day One campaign follows recent retirees from across the country on their first day of retirement, to paint a real and truthful picture to the 10,000 Americans retiring every day.

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