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Axe Cleans Your Balls

This is the story of how AXE shower gel took the most obvious category benefit and the most clichéd advertising construct and used them to create the most talked about commercial in social media of 2010.

Book Burning Party

Troy Public Library would close for good unless voters approved a tax increase. With little money, six weeks until the election, facing a well organized anti-tax group whod managed to get two previous library-saving tax increases to fail, we had to be bold. We posed as a clandestine group who urged people to vote to close the library so they could have a book burning party.

Boston Pizza Flatties and Drummies

Boston Pizza is a Canadian casual service restaurant that needed to re-launch its substantially improved chicken wings and to demonstrate a significant lift in sales. The Flatties and Drummies campaign developed to do this was a multi-pronged effort that captured consumer attention and galvanized sales far beyond the ingoing expectations.

Breakfast with Benefits

Caribou Coffee, the second largest premium coffee house in the United States, launched Daybreaker breakfast sandwiches in January 2011 to help drive incremental sales while better positioning itself from behemoth competitors like Starbucks and McDonalds.

Breathe Happy Global Campaign

Febreze/Ambi Pur needed to create a single global campaign idea to support the business across 17 countries with different cultures, languages and attitudes towards air care.

Brushing My Way!

In 2010, Arm & Hammer Spinbrush launched My Way! Girls — a customizable toothbrush designed for girls 6-12. The team needed a bold strategy to differentiate as well as launch a product completely new to the category.


To the layman, it looks like a hole in a box. But to the Keystone Light drinker, it's CANHOLE, a completely self-contained cornhole game that utilizes the packaging and crushed cans to deliver hours of fun.

Cardiac Care From a Cactus

Although recognized nationally as a Top-100 Hospital by Thompson Reuters, Abrazo consistently ranked fourth among Phoenix's five major metro healthcare systems in terms of brand preference and utilization. Abrazo Health Care elevated their image to improve brand perception, increase heart care preference and more than double emergency department usage goals.

CDW: People Who Get IT

CDW was perceived as a box pusher of technology. They needed to showcase their higher level solution expertise in order to grow their business. They needed to show that they Get IT. By launching an integrated campaign, focusing on their solution capabilities, CDW revenue grew a remarkable 23 percent over the same year-ago period.

Chevy Volt, It's More Car Than Electric

In 2010, facing pressure from the Nissan Leaf, we launched the Chevy Volt. It was an "extended range" electric vehicle in a gasoline world. We didn't launch a "green" car — we launched a great car (that just happened to be electric). Thinking about Chevy shifted — from old-fashioned to innovative, gas-guzzler to fuel-efficient with a much needed lift to brand opinion and consideration.

Convincing Youth Not to Text

Texting while driving (TWD) is more dangerous than driving while intoxicated — a serious problem people weren't taking seriously. The opportunity was to influence a new generation before they could adopt the habit.

Creating Credibility for RIFT, a New Video Game, Against a Dominant Market Leader

In the seven years since World of Warcraft (WoW) launched, no challenger had launched a game to successfully stem the category leader's continued increase in players. Our premise was to confront WoW players head on and position RIFT as a credible alternative that demanded their attention.

Drive One

Ford was in dire need of a makeover. The launch of Drive one gave Ford a new voice; real people telling their real stories. Since the campaign began, Ford has seen 3 years of steady market share growth, stopping a 14 year slide.

Everything to Prove

By taking Gatorade’s partnership with the NFL beyond the sidelines and into the lives of the players, we tapped into the popularity of the league and legitimized sports nutrition by showing how it made a difference in our rookies’ journey.

From Pushing Tissues to Sharing Caring

Using our newly-improved, softer tissue as an impetus, we re-framed Kleenex from a tissue to a Gesture of Caring, enabling over 1,000,000 people to share it and show their loved ones they cared. We significantly exceeded our sales and share goals, grew the stagnant facial tissue category and, moreover, changed the game for Kleenex.

Great Stuffing Debate

For decades, Swanson dominated the broth category, especially around Thanksgiving when cooks used broth in stuffing. But once the competition heated up, Swanson’s holiday sales took a major hit. We knew that if we could engage more cooks in a stuffing debate online, then we would drive holiday sales for Swanson.

Halo Reach - Transforming Marketing into Mythology

In September 2010 Xbox launched Halo Reach. Just three years prior, Halo 3 had set the record for highest-grossing entertainment launch of all time. However in the two years that followed, subsequent Halo titles failed to replicate Halo 3's success. With the launch of Halo Reach, Xbox sought to reinvigorate the Halo brand and reverse that sales decline.

How Porsche Created New Relevance for a Revered Icon

The Engineered for Magic, Every Day campaigned proved that the 911 and in fact all Porsche sports cars are built for daily life. The result: in just six months the campaign re-framed what people thought a sports car could be, and increased sales by 19 percent.

How to Cure Bad Breath

The goal of Orabrush’s YouTube video campaign was to drive demand for the product among consumers and retailers by increasing awareness through educational and entertaining online videos. This successful campaign has generated nearly 40 million YouTube channel views and over 163,000 subscribers.

IHG: Crack the Case

How can IHG steal share of business from rival brands for good? By identifying rival brands' highest value customers in IHG’s database and inviting them into a secret agent mission with a final prize payout. The mission? Crack open a steel suitcase by completing a multitude of tasks which included experiencing IHG’s loyalty program and hotel stays in their portfolio.

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