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Montana: There’s Nothing Here

Some people think there's nothing in Montana. The Montana Office of Tourism and its agency partners took that perception and created a campaign to attract the Geotraveler, a target audience who appreciates Montana's nothingness.

Nobody Fits You Like Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant was the first specialty store that focused on a 'hard to fit' plus-size woman. Recognizing that there was a brand stigma, Lane Bryant introduced Cacique, their sexy intimates line. Our message that sexy is not a size was widely embraced and Cacique sales soared.

Photography Beyond the Still

"Beyond The Still" generated excitement and buzz for a new capability that led to a 10-point leap in dollar market share, reclaimed Canon's #1 position, and spearheaded a visionary user-generated video contest that generated more than 57 million media impressions.

Power Trumps Pretty

iPhone dramatically changed the wireless category, driving AT&T to record sales and Verizon to a six year low in growth. Verizon needed its answer to the iPhone, and it brought its agency a thick, heavy phone on a then-unsuccessful operating system. The unique campaign resulted in record sales and shattered goals.

Real Women of Philadelphia

For Philadelphia Cream Cheese to grow, it needed to shift consumer behavior towards cooking with the brand. Real Women Of Philadelphia grew out of a key insight that women need a new idea endorsed before they'll try it — cooking being no exception.

Right to the Bunk 2011

Cargill developed an all-in-one starter feed for young cattle called RAMP. It was a major innovation in an industry where feeders historically created their own blends. In just four months following launch, volume tripled vs. goal, revenue grew nearly 300 percent and market share jumped to 11 percent.

Show Me the Carfax

The anxiety that typified the used car shopping experience has been assuaged. Armed with just four little words consumers are now immune to the manipulations of a disreputable used car salesman. Saying "Show Me The Carfax" gave people the power to protect themselves, their money and their families from getting stuck with an unreliable or unsafe vehicle.


Through the innovative and fully integrated Superstore campaign, Progressive showed consumers that a better way exists when shopping for new insurance. And, with our charming, helpful, and hysterical spokesperson Flo, we put a new face on the Progressive brand.

Swagger Wagon Viral Video

Minivans have always gotten a bad rap, but with the redesigned Sienna, Toyota is changing that perception. The challenge was to make the Sienna stand out from the pack and, if possible, become the minivan of choice because parents actually like it.

Swagger: The Scent that Makes a Difference

In 2008, Glacial Falls was the worst-performing scent in the Old Spice portfolio and was in jeopardy of being pulled from store shelves. Our task: to rebrand Glacial Falls and save the scent from extinction by doubling sales.

The Introduction of Real Fruit Smoothies

Real. Fruit. Smoothie. These aren't the first words that come to mind when one thinks about McDonald's. This made it especially challenging for the traditional burger and fry joint to launch Real Fruit Smoothies. With consumer skepticism and formidable competition in tow, McDonald's needed to turn doubt and distrust into joyful disbelief.

The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

Old Spice needed to defend its turf in the male body wash category. "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" was created to appeal to both men and women and quickly became a cultural phenomenon. The campaign changed the way brands can interact and engage with their fans and ultimately helped to double sales of Old Spice body wash from the previous year.

The New Car

The Nissan LEAF was ready for the world. But was the world ready for the Nissan LEAF? A 100 percent electric car had never been sold in the mass market. And for good reason: it's built differently, fueled differently, and requires major behavioral shifts from its owners. Instead of apologizing for these differences, we celebrated them.

The Red Cube Project

In December of 2009, the Art Institute of Chicago placed 500 numbered Red Cubes, each with a URL and unique password, all over Chicago as an experiential marketing program to bring the surprise and delight of art outside of the museum and directly into the hands of Chicagoans. The objectives were to generate buzz about the Art Institute and drive museum attendance.

The Return of the Griswolds

As a new brand in category that is relatively unknown to Americans, competing against hotels that outspend HomeAway 30:1, HomeAway needed a fresh idea to establish the notion of an alternative to hotels and put it on the proverbial map....quickly. Using social media, PR, the Super Bowl and especially, a short film, to generate traffic was that fresh approach the brand needed.

The White Rabbit Experience

Challenge: Drive viewership for Alice, Syfy's reimagining of the classic Alice in Wonderland. Research showed the white rabbit was the most recalled icon from the classic, so Syfy's updated character became the focus of our multimedia adventure — The White Rabbit Experience. Alice exceeded expectations, becoming the highest-rated Sunday show night on Syfy since 2007.

Tus palabras de hoy (Your Words Today)

Not enough Hispanic students are making it to college. This is a reality that the Hispanic Scholarship Fund has worked for years to change. Hispanic parents did not need another feel good inspirational message about the benefits of a college degree. They needed a wake up call, they needed to see the consequences of not having a college degree.

UNSTAGED: An Original Series from American Express

Can you successfully "scale the emotion" of a live concert for millions of music fans online? That's the question that led to UNSTAGED from American Express, a revolutionary interactive music experience that blurs the line between at-home and at-concert viewing.

Voted #1 Vodka of 2033

SVEDKA rose from upstart to contender in just five years, blowing away all internal goals and established category records. SVEDKA successfully fought into a crowded category, gained distribution and most importantly, challenged competitors on Brand Image.

Walmart "Smack Talk" Campaign

Walmart tackled a brand new target for the first time with the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Walmart had to be careful not to alienate their core audience — Moms — while attempting to reach massive sales goals and become a real player in the video game industry.

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