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The Case for Zero Paid Media

In this webinar presentation, Joseph Jaffe, author and CEO of Evol8tion, made the case for moving toward a zero-paid-media budget and provided an action plan to help brands create more retention-focused marketing efforts.

Trade Secret: The Right Response to Engagement-based Filtering

Getting your email to the inbox isn’t getting easier. Today, engagement-based inbox placement decisions are making it harder to reach email subscribers — at least the unengaged. And the secret to getting past individual-level filters isn’t as simple as “mail less.”

Five Trends That Will Affect Programmatic Marketing in 2014

2013 was kind to programmatic marketing. RTB display alone accounted for 20 percent of all digital ad spend. By 2017, it will reach 30 percent, or $9 billion.

Video Strategy: Life Beyond YouTube

Many marketers rely too heavily on YouTube to anchor their video strategy, focusing only on eyeballs and unified analytics. They are missing growing opportunities in the broader video marketplace.

BCG Studies Ways Gen Y Rewards "Brand Soul"

While Gen Y’s relationship with brands has long been known to be unlike their parents’, a new study from the Boston Consulting Group reveals just how different they really are.

Programmatic Everywhere? Data, Technology, and the Future of Audience Engagement

This white paper outlines how industry constituents are practicing “programmatic” today. With conclusions derived from survey and interview data, it defines the issues that make up the “programmatic everywhere” opportunity across media channels, vertical industries, and functional disciplines.

Taking Cues from the Customer: “Omnichannel” and the Drive For Audience Engagement

Based on an intensive primary research effort and produced in partnership with the Interactive Advertising Bureau, this white paper explores the origins and likely evolution of omnichannel customer engagement strategies.

The Super Bowl Scores with over $2 Billion in Ad Spending over the Past Ten Years

Kantar Media has mined its extensive database to report on the past ten years of Super Bowl advertising.

Five Trends That Will Define Branded Video in 2014

Branded video reached new heights in 2013. More than 38 percent of new campaigns achieved more than one million views in 2013, compared with 26 percent in the year prior.

In the Eye of the Beholder: Digital Behaviors of Beauty Shoppers

Beauty shoppers sort through an overload of products to find those that help them look and feel their best. How do they choose what and where to buy? Millward Brown Digital and Google found that shoppers are constantly researching, and many start their journey undecided on what brand they’re going to buy.

What's the Best Send Time?

All of us who deliver email for a living monitor changes in consumer patterns. But do trends shift due to consumer changing their patterns, or do marketers contribute to this pattern shift by conditioning consumers?

Defining and Mapping the Native Advertising Landscape

This report from Altimeter addresses the questions: What is native advertising and, by extension, what is it not? It also attempts to map and outline product offerings from the native advertising triumvirate: publishers, technology vendors, and social media platforms.

Marketers' Budgets Up, But Cite Inability to Leverage Data

According to StrongView’s "2014 Marketing Trends Survey," marketers plan to increase their budgets on activities that increase customer engagement through more relevant and timely campaigns.

Real-Time Marketing: The Agility to Leverage "Now"

This report, based on interviews with 18 executive industry practitioners, explains the benefits of real-time marketing, outlines the business cases to which it can be applied, and identifies the best practices and steps necessary to move an enterprise toward RTM readiness.

When Choosing a Media Company, Take a Measured Approach

In the past, the ability of a media supplier to generate ad results was often the number-one factor marketers used to evaluate media companies. But the results of recent survey by Advertiser Perceptions, Inc. revealed that “aggressive rate deals” are considered more important to typical marketers.

Marketing to the Multi-Platform Majority

This white paper from comScore provides companies with important context for understanding today’s digital marketplace and how emerging multi-platform consumer dynamics create opportunities for their businesses.

The Top Online Brand Protection Strategies For 2014

2014 brings even more new generic top-level domain launches, opening new frontiers across the Internet landscape for potential brand abuse or new business possibilities. Be one step ahead and implement these best practices for your online brand protection strategy in 2014.

Editorial Calendar Template 2014

A report to track editorial calendar opportunities and their associated deadlines.

Is Content Native? Is Native Content? Questions We're All Asking...

Over the past year, the term "native advertising" has evolved from a simple industry buzzword into a complex, frequently debated advertising strategy being heralded as the future of digital.

Radio Well-Positioned To Reach Newly Confident Mass Market

It may come as a surprise to some, but affluent consumers are the sweet spot of radio advertising. Each week, radio reaches some 94 percent of adults in the $75K+ household bracket.

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