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  • Quick Bits for the Week of January 15, 2018

    ANA Magazine   January 15, 2018  

    What marketers need to know this week: Nike is having a ‘reverse auction’ review of its agencies, mobile internet usage continues to dominate, and more.

  • Know Thy Customer

    ANA Magazine   January 10, 2018  

    The use of ethnographic research in marketing is accelerating as companies and brands look to better meet consumers’ changing needs.

  • Quick Bits for the Week of January 8, 2018

    ANA Magazine   January 8, 2018  

    What marketers need to know this week: The ANA is acquiring WOMMA, a new study on ad fraud shows major losses for publishers and advertisers, and more.

  • The ANA's Best of 2017

    ANA Magazine   December 21, 2017  

    We've collected the ten best pieces of advice given at more than 100 ANA events in 2017. See what top marketers think you need to do to find success next year and beyond.

  • For Nonprofits, Storytelling Is Key to Standing Out

    ANA Magazine   December 20, 2017  

    How St. Jude,, and other nonprofits use storytelling to humanize their causes and effectively compete against larger brands for consumer attention.

  • Quick Bits for December 18, 2017

    ANA Magazine   December 18, 2017  

    What marketers need to know this week: Disney makes a major purchase, trends in marketing and advertising employment, the FCC votes on net neutrality, and more.

  • Erica Farber of the RAB Discusses Change, the Radio Landscape, and More

    ANA Magazine   December 15, 2017  

    Erica Farber, president and CEO of the RAB, discusses change, the radio landscape, and more.

  • Connecting with Today’s Distracted Commuters

    ANA Magazine   December 13, 2017  

    Whether it’s radio, display, mobile, or OOH, here’s how brands like Dunkin’ Donuts are connecting with commuters.

  • Quick Bits for December 11, 2017

    ANA Magazine   December 11, 2017  

    What marketers need to know this week: Patagonia sues the president, the ANA names the 2017 word of the year, Budweiser is going electric, and more.

  • OOH Comes of Age

    ANA Magazine   December 8, 2017  

    Demand for digital out-of-home advertising is increasing. For brands willing to invest and experiment, the opportunities are boundless.

  • Quick Bits for December 4, 2017

    ANA Magazine   December 4, 2017  

    What marketers need to know this week: Amazon’s Alexa may be coming to the office, more brands are boycotting YouTube, Domino’s and baby make three, and more.

  • Tuning In to Programmatic TV Advertising

    ANA Magazine   December 1, 2017  

    The Trade Desk's Tim Sims, SVP of inventory partnerships, looks at connected TV, programmatic media buying, and the future of ad-supported media.

  • Winning by a Nose

    ANA Magazine   November 22, 2017  

    As brands look to make the customer experience in physical locations something that can't be duplicated online, they are increasingly developing scent marketing programs to appeal to the powerfully influential sense of smell.

  • Quick Bits for November 20, 2017

    ANA Magazine   November 20, 2017  

    What marketers need to know this week: Barbie honors an Olympian, Lowe's traps contractors in an abandoned building, the ANA takes on Congress over tax reform, and more.

  • When Disruption Happens, What’s the Best Way for Brands to Respond?

    ANA Magazine   November 17, 2017  

    Long-established brands and newer upstarts can easily find themselves on the wrong side of industry innovation. When disruption happens, how should a brand react to maintain its market share?

  • 6 Ways to Grow Your Business in a Multicultural World

    ANA Magazine   November 15, 2017  

    With the U.S. markerplace transforming before our very eyes, marketers who don't adapt and learn how to connect with multicultural audiences will be left in the dust. Ensure your brand's health with these six tips.

  • Quick Bits for November 13, 2017

    ANA Magazine   November 13, 2017  

    What marketers need to know this week: Kellogg’s is opening a permanent cereal café in New York City, companies in the U.S. are more prepared for the GDPR than their European counterparts, and more.

  • Using Sound to Rise Above the Noise

    ANA Magazine   November 8, 2017  

    The proliferation of voice-enabled assistants and other technologies have companies reconsidering how they use sound and music to define and reinforce brand identity.

  • Quick Bits for November 6, 2017

    ANA Magazine   November 6, 2017  

    What marketers need to know this week: Starbucks continues its holiday tradition, tensions in North Korea might affect ad sales for the Olympics, Hershey is debuting a new candy bar, and more.

  • The Maturation of PR

    ANA Magazine   November 3, 2017  

    An ANA survey found that public relations is playing a more decisive role in the marketing mix. Here’s what’s fueling the convergence.


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