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  • Innovation

    Insight Briefs   April 8, 2018  

    Innovation is disrupting the marketing landscape, and this Insight Brief discusses opportunities for marketers as the industry embraces changes in technology, consumer behavior, and trends.

  • Agency Relations

    Insight Briefs   March 6, 2018  

    This Insight Brief discusses the agency landscape and the future of client-agency relationships in a digital world.

  • CMO Agenda: Driving Growth

    Insight Briefs   February 9, 2018  

    This Insight Brief discusses pillars of the ANA Masters Circle agenda to empower CMOs to collaborate as a community to ensure brand and business growth.

  • Marketing Accountability

    Insight Briefs   December 29, 2017  

    In most organizations, marketing is uniquely positioned to lead companies into the future, and drive growth in a constantly changing ecosystem. However, to assert that type of leadership, marketers must be able to prove their efforts are not just building the brand, but positively contributing to the bottom line. Through data analytics, marketers can connect strategies and tactics to sales and market share growth, and earn a “seat at the table.”

  • Relationship Marketing

    Insight Briefs   November 26, 2017  

    Retaining existing customers is absolutely critical to growth, especially as the cost and competition to acquire new ones continues to increase. In this insight brief, the ANA highlighted the top Relationship Marketing trends, best practices, and campaigns of 2017 to serve as an inspiration for brands looking to build more emotional connections with their consumers.

  • Mobile

    Insight Briefs   October 15, 2017  

    This Insight Brief discusses how marketers can ensure mobile success and shares the latest trends, research, and case studies around mobile marketing.

  • Brand Building

    Insight Briefs   August 30, 2017  

    This Insight Brief discusses the ways marketers and advertisers are investing in brand building to rise above the competition and ensure long-term success.

  • Experiential Marketing

    Insight Briefs   August 17, 2017  

    Today, everything is about experiences. In this insight brief, the ANA curated the top Experiential Marketing campaigns of 2017 to identify emerging trends and best practices.

  • Agency Compensation

    Insight Briefs   July 19, 2017  

    This insight brief discusses best practices and new research on agency compensation practices, including a case study from Ford Motor Co.

  • Global Marketing

    Insight Briefs   June 19, 2017  

    This Insight Brief discusses how brands are connecting with consumers globally and upcoming regulations that every marketer should be aware of.

  • Content Marketing

    Insight Briefs   April 23, 2017  

    This Insight Brief discusses the trends, research, and best practices around content marketing and includes tips for marketers and top brand examples.

  • Advertising Law

    Insight Briefs   April 13, 2017  

    For marketers, every new channel, platform, and technology presents opportunities to deepen consumer engagement. However, they also pose risks, not only of litigation and regulatory punishment, but of eroding consumer trust. When an organization’s marketers and lawyers work closely throughout the marketing process, it not only protects the company, it can strengthen the brand’s relationship with customers.

  • Social Media

    Insight Briefs   March 15, 2017  

    This Insight Brief discusses how different generational segments are using social media and examines current trends across five major platforms.

  • Total Market

    Insight Briefs   January 25, 2017  

    The world is more diverse now than it has been at any other time in history, and the only way for brands to stay relevant is by reflecting this diversity in every campaign. In this insight brief, the ANA curated the top Total Market campaigns of 2016 to identify trends and best practices.

  • Cause Marketing

    Insight Briefs   January 5, 2017  

    As more and more consumers (particularly Millennials) choose to support brands whose values align with their own, companies are realizing the importance of “Cause Marketing.” While it was once sufficient for a brand to cut a check to a charity for publicity, now they must form a partnership with organizations that have some relevant connection to the business, and create robust programs that actually affect positive change in their communities. The ANA curated the top Cause Marketing campaigns of 2016 to identify trends and best practices in this insight brief.

  • Measurement

    Insight Briefs   December 15, 2016  

    This Insight Brief discusses how companies can use data to take a customer-centric approach and includes new research and trending topics in measurement.

  • Industry Vertical: Food and Beverage

    Insight Briefs   December 9, 2016  

    Food and beverage brands are finding success by aligning business and marketing goals under unified strategies.

  • Industry Vertical: Technology

    Insight Briefs   December 5, 2016  

    As virtual and augmented reality become more mainstream, marketers should watch the space closely and familiarize themselves with it — or risk being left behind.

  • Industry Vertical: Entertainment & Sports

    Insight Briefs   November 22, 2016  

    This industry vertical will explore the ways that brands are using data and personalization to enrich the customer experience and distinguish themselves from the other brands in the entertainment and sports category.

  • B-to-B Content Marketing

    Insight Briefs   October 29, 2016  

    The term “content marketing” rose to prominence over the last three years, but the fact is that B-to-B marketers have been using non-advertising content to build their brands and convince decision-makers for years. However, the practice has evolved significantly in today’s digital- and mobile-driven market. The ANA compiled the best content marketing practices from top B-to-B brands across categories, and took a look at the emerging trends that will help marketers grow their business going forward.


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