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  • Performance Is the Future of TV

    Forward   September 5, 2017  

    The uncertainty of TV advertising's impact on business performance has plagued marketers for decades. But no more. Innovations in audience targeting, media planning, and campaign measurement now allows marketers to see the full ROI of their TV dollars.

  • Sight Search

    Forward   August 8, 2017  

    How marketers can use visual search to improve a brand’s presence throughout the shopper journey.

  • The Transformative Power of Cognitive Marketing

    Forward   June 27, 2017  

    Cognitive technologies are changing the way marketers plan, execute, and optimize campaigns. Here's how these tools can create sustainable connections that drive brand loyalty and ROI.

  • Why the Right Scope of Work Is So Important

    Forward   June 6, 2017  

    Here's how a well-planned scope of work can deliver a tangible benefit every marketer wants: having the right team, working on the right assignments, all at the right time.

  • The Race for Relevancy

    Forward   May 26, 2017  

    In order to keep up with the pace of the consumer, marketers need a nimbler approach to consumer insights. Successful marketers are pivoting from traditional methods that provide after-the-fact insights to real-time consumer intelligence that continuously captures a holistic view of the consumer — past, present, and future.

  • TV vs. Digital: Getting the Numbers Right

    Forward   May 9, 2017  

    Traditional TV measurement no longer fully accommodates the growing needs of the extended TV industry; it's now imperative to also have cross-platform and digital measurement in order to match viewer and consumer behavior. Because media usage has outpaced traditional models of measurement, we find ourselves with separate methods for TV and digital.

  • At the Crossroads of Digital and Physical Marketing

    Forward   April 25, 2017  

    Now more than ever, understanding the effectiveness of each channel, campaign, and content piece is critical to marketing success, yet the rapid growth of channels in this digital age makes knowing the right mix to be successful that much harder. In this issue of Forward, the United States Postal Service looks at how merging digital and print marketing can boost ROI, increase consumer engagement across multiple forms of media, and improve marketing accountability — all cornerstones of a successful marketing campaign. Plus, how a new innovation called Informed Delivery is poised to give marketers more touchpoints and more impressions.