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Making TV Ads Accountable

In this webinar, attendees discovered the best ways to use data to better target TV advertising and to drive greater ROI.

Hewlett-Packard: A Case Study in Decoupling

In this webinar, attendees heard from Jim Wallace, Director Agency Strategy & Management – Hewlett-Packard, and Myles Peacock, President, Americas – eg+ Worldwide, on their approach to the decoupling strategic process.

Native Advertising Best Practices

In this webinar, Yahoo and BBDO shared insights from their research on native advertising.

Applying Business Intelligence to Marketing Procurement & Agency Management

This webinar, presented by Richard Benyon, CEO – Decideware, Daniel O'Brien, Global Business Analyst – Pfizer, and Diane Gibbons, Global Procurement – Pfizer, took a look at how to apply business intelligence tools to analyze agency budgets and performance using the wealth of available marketing procurement data.

GE: Reinventing Storytelling for Business-to-Business

GE connected with its audience by telling a story about the wonder of innovation.

Bloomberg and Siemens Corporation: Driving Results through Media Partnerships

Hear how Siemens Corporation and Bloomberg work together to integrate and deliver relevant content and engage their audiences to optimize brand marketing activities.

Merrill Lynch One: Uniting Brand, Product, and Client Experience to Drive Business

Merrill Lynch One represents the organization’s commitment to goals-based wealth management. Learn about the communications tactics designed to reach and rally advisors in moments that truly mattered.

Millennials: Top Trends and Strategies

This entertaining and educational webinar challenged participants to unlearn and reimagine what they thought they knew about the millennial generation.

Driving Innovative Activations with Lexus

Learn how Lexus is using an integrated approach along with collaboration amongst the various disciplines to drive innovative activations for their recent RC/RC F launch.

Kaiser Permanente: A New Approach to Social Intelligence

Vince Golla, Kaiser Permanente's director of social media, talked about the innovative development of the Center for Social Intelligence and what Kaiser Permanente expects to accomplish.

Juniper Networks: Education for Innovation

Learn how Juniper Networks is leveraging its marketing education program to develop innovative marketers.

Kmart: Humor and Innovation in Inventory Management

Brought to life with incredible humor, Kmart's Ship My Pants made the message and the joke one and the same resulting in unprecedented consumer engagement, sales well above expectations, and renewed relevancy for the brand.

What the New Political Reality Means for Advertisers

The new GOP-led Congress has arrived, promising to break the gridlock in Washington. Get an analysis of what all this means for the advertising industry.

Laboratories of Democracy: State Privacy and Security Initiatives

In the past few years, issues such as data breach notification, location tracking, and the use or disclosure of student data for advertising purposes have loomed large. This session will focus on the considerable ongoing activity at the state level.

What Do Consumers Think? Using Online Surveys to Demonstrate Implied Claims

The session will examine when and how to conduct online surveys and present strategies for their effective use in advertising disputes.

The Natives Are Restless: Legal Perspectives on Native Advertising

Learn about native advertising and more at this session, which will provide the latest perspective on the tension between consumer protection enforcement and commercial speech in the age of sponsored media.

Marketing with New Technology: The Intersection of Advertising and Data Collection

This session will examine how advertisers can tout the benefits of their x-ray vision into the minds and behavior of consumers in a manner that diminishes the likelihood of regulatory scrutiny or consumer backlash.

A Discussion on the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG)

A panel will discuss the objectives of TAG, which include providing the advertising community with tools that promote brand safety through transparency and accountability, eliminate fraudulent traffic, combat malware, and fight the theft of digital content.

Litigating Damages Claims in Lanham Act False Advertising Cases

This session will explore the law governing the ability to obtain damages in Lanham Act false advertising cases.

5 Steps to Purpose-Based Marketing

This webinar focused on the evolution of CSR to brand citizenship.

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