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Western Union: Social Media Drives Trust in Financial Services

Find out how Western Union’s Global Facebook page became the fastest growing page in the financial services vertical, by increasing its followers by over 2 million users and magnifying its reach to over 1 billion impressions.

Harnessing the Power of Influencers

Learn keys to WhiteWave Foods' influencer marketing strategy success including how to identify bloggers, optimizing custom content, amplification strategy, measuring program results and what's next for influencers.

Adobe's Mobile and Data Integration Case Study

Data and mobile are becoming so closely intertwined in the world of today's mobile consumer. In this session, Matt Asay, VP of Mobile – Adobe shared how they capture and use data to target consumers in a mobile first, mobile everywhere world.

Digital Disruption... in the Age of the Customer

In this session, Nate Elliott, Vice President and Principal Analyst – Forrester Research, Inc. addressed the key macro trends that business leaders need to be thinking about in 2015 to pivot their enterprises for success in the age of the customer, from digital disruption to the mobile mindshift to customer experience.

Social Media Case Study: General Electric Company

In this session, Sydney Lestrud, Manager, Global Digital Marketing – General Electric Company shared a social media case study on how they strategically use content via social channels to drive awareness of GE's technology and innovation.

Random House Gamification Study


Expedia: Find Yours

To preserve its leadership position, Expedia had to differentiate. Expedia set out to make travel personal again, to acknowledge that travel is about more than changing places; it’s about finding the things that change you.

Vita Coco: Connecting Through Culture

Vita Coco has used nimble marketing and a focus on pop culture to become a beverage category leader.

Unilever: Redefining Men’s Strength

Unilever discussed strategies and insights for marketing to the modern man.

Influencing, Optimizing and Reshaping Marketing in 2015

This webinar provided insights into how the gap between customer-obsessed brands and the rest grow further as more as more interaction data from multiple channels and touch points floods customer databases.

Advertising Automation and Programmatic Trading: The Four Types of Client Engagement

As advertising automation and programmatic trading become more ubiquitous, brands are defining new levels of engagement around programmatic trading and how they work with their ad agencies, trading desks and media owners.

Increasing ROI with Programmatic

In this webinar, Michael Greene, Director of Research – Audience Science discussed why limited transparency and uncertain data ownership are hampering advertisers' ability to succeed with programmatic and how advertisers can best work with their agencies and technology providers to take back control.

Wild Turkey Connects with Millennials by Reviving a Classic Brand

Wild Turkey recognized the need to re-brand this classic bourbon brand in order to drive business growth. In this session, Campari America shared how they used product and Millennial consumer insights during the re-branding of the Wild Turkey bourbon brand.

Navigating the On Demand World of Millennial Shoppers

When dealing with Millennials, the notion of "on demand" extends far beyond their cable TV service. In this session, an industry expert uncovered the unique Millennial mindsets apply across categories and brands to give you a road map for success.

Toyota Utilizes Social and Mobile to Reach Millennials

Targeting Millennials with technology the right way can be challenging, especially for an automotive brand. Scion is using social media and creative innovation to better inform their strategies and create a better shopping and buying experience for their consumers.

Refining Hispanic ROI in a Total Market World

This webinar featured Kellogg's journey amid other leading marketers to help improve some of the shortcomings of Hispanic audience and sales measurements.

Native Advertising — Hype or Hope?

ANA shared the topline results of the fall 2014 ANA Native Advertising Survey, which provides industry benchmarks and insights on budgets, measurement, disclosure, and overall management of native advertising.

Millennials: The Innovation Generation

Six ways brands are leveraging innovation in marketing and product development to win Millennials.

Taking the Next Step: Using Facebook to Drive Conversions

Anthony Jones, Director of Digital Media for Ducks Unlimited, shared some tips and campaigns they’ve used to generate nearly 20,000 members through Facebook in recent years.

Hilton Worldwide: Bringing Choice and Control to Travel

Hilton Worldwide is giving consumers personalized experiences through social, digital, and a mobile app.

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