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Applebee’s Dishes Up Innovation

Learn how Applebee’s stays inspired to create hundreds of products each year and how failure is such an important part of the company’s approach to product development and innovation.

Payless: Merging Innovation with Analytics

Learn how the i3 – Continuous Innovation Framework can be successfully leveraged to innovate analytics as well as understanding the role of big data and technology play in analytics innovation.

Beyond Millennials: What Marketers Need to Know

This webinar explored the next generational wave.

Measuring the Impact of TV Ad Receptivity

This webinar presented insights from a new research study that reveal how the relationship between the emotional profiles of programs and ads impacts ad receptivity.

Authenticity and Innovation – AT&T’s Connection to Asian Consumers

From their unique, web-series "Away We Happened" and its successive campaigns that spoke directly to tech-savvy millennials to more traditional, in-language campaigns, AT&T has continued to innovate and evolve the way they speak with consumers.

The Multicultural Music Millennial

Sony Music revealed the role music plays in the lives of the multicultural consumer and how to communicate with this consumer through the currency of music, based upon its annual study of 30,000 music fans.

Celebrating Diversity

Cox Communications has continuously improved the inclusiveness of its workplaces while celebrating diversity. Discover why Cox Communications is truly one of the best places to work in the entertainment and telecommunications industries.

Gaming for Multicultural Consumers

A team of game developers, in the University of Miami, School of Communication's new interactive media program, has developed a game to raise awareness of sickle cell disease. This session discussed the game and what the developers learned about creating interactive experiences for multicultural audiences.

Multicultural Communities on Twitter

Hispanics and African-Americans are digitally savvy, mobile-first, and socially connected consumers. This session spotlighted this behavior through trends and conversations that show how these groups can replicate a digital bicultural identity on Twitter and use Twitter for social activism.

Refining Hispanic ROI in a Total Market Approach — New Research

Accurate ROI measurement is absolutely crucial to validate the impact of a total market approach. AHAA, the voice of Hispanic marketing, debuted new research that defines how leading CPG clients and retailers currently approach marketing ROI.

Citi’s Social Measurement Framework

Citi developed a proprietary framework to measure the effectiveness of its social content.

Enhancing Digital Ad Viewability

In this webinar, attendees heard insights, best practices, and new initiatives in regards to the issue of viewability.

Midterm Elections and Beyond — The Legislative Climate in Washington and Implications for Pharma

On the heels of the midterm elections, Dan Jaffe, ANA’s Group Executive Vice President for Government Relations, decoded the political scorecard for the Pharma community and looked to the trends that will impact the scorecard for 2015 and beyond.

Social Media Risks and Rewards — Navigating the Rules of Engaging Your Consumer Via Social Channels

This presentation from Reed Smith highlighted the FTC’s latest guidelines and provided an update on the evolving legal landscape around social media, specifically, how its spheres of influence impact the pharmaceutical industry.

Turning Insights into Action in Media Targeting

In this presentation, Microsoft shared the mechanics and insights of their Consumer Decision Journey Health and Wellness Tool as well as key digital trends from a recent study that redefines how consumers interact with digital tools in the context of health, wellness and the management of chronic health conditions.

The State of Innovation — Revolutionary Possibilities for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Futurist Christina “CK” Kerley’s The State of Innovation takes us on an eye-opening journey through an unchartered terrain that will be driven by a sweeping set of emerging trends and tech that span mobile, wearables, The Internet of Things, connected health, robotics, artificial intelligence and much more.

U.S. Postal Service Embraces Technologies to Reinvent Direct Mail

The United States Postal Service integrated mobile technology into its direct mail offerings to create new and engaging brand experience possibilities.

GE Leads Digital Data-Driven Best Practices

Holly Bounds, Digital Strategy Leader – GE Energy Management discussed that by combining disparate digital platforms, and the cost and time reductions that result from it, GE can see who is visiting their digital properties, and who isn't.

Advertising Automation & Programmatic Trading: The Client-Side Marketer View

Executives at Pfizer and Kellogg’s discussed how programmatic fits into their overall marketing objectives, their company’s approach to planning and executing programmatic trading, and their views on issues including transparency and taking trading in-house.

Avoiding Legal Pitfalls in Programmatic Advertising

Reed Smith identified the key legal issues to manage in an increasingly programmatic advertising environment.

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