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Navigating the On Demand World of Millennial Shoppers

In this webinar, attendees discovered how the unique Millennial mindsets apply across categories and brands to give you a road map for success.

A Prankster and Marketer’s Perspective on Advertising Insights

This webinar provided a rare perspective on what stirs emotion and provokes behavior.

Update from Washington

ANA's Dan Jaffe covered what you can expect in Washington and the states as we head into the second half of 2015 and the upcoming Presidential nominating marathon.

Married to the Mob: Using Crowdsourced Data as Substantiation

This session explored when, and how, can you use crowdsourced data to create and substantiate advertising claims.

Social Media 2.0

This session offered an overview of key legal issues to be aware of with regard to advertising with a focus on basic advertising rules, common advertising techniques and intellectual property issues.

King’s Hawaiian: Maximizing Media Spend Through Social and Content Partnerships

Discover how King’s Hawaiian leverages social media and content through paid, earned, and owned channels.

MasterCard Innovates with a Winning Mobile Strategy

Discover MasterCard’s five-tier approach to mobile along with ground-breaking success stories.

General Electric: Driving Commercial Success/ROI

GE shared its approach to Marketing Accountability driven by the work it is doing with its businesses to drive commercial success/ROI.

Maximizing the Promise of Digital Media

Randall Rothenberg, President and Chief Executive Officer of the IAB provided his perspective on the digital media supply chain and steps that buyers and sellers need to take in order to maximize the promise of digital media.

Nissan’s Journey as a Digital-First Brand

Discover Nissan’s journey to becoming a digital-first brand.

Are You Covered? Understanding Vendor Endorsements

This webinar will provide an overview of the Additional Insured endorsement (also known as vendor endorsement) in a standard Commercial General Liability (“CGL”) insurance policy.

Top Agency Management Trends for Marketers

In this webinar, attendees learned what the future holds for Madison Avenue and the implications for brand advertisers who rely on their agencies to successfully compete in the marketplace.

How to Rediscover the Lost Art & Science of Product Sampling

Sampling has been proven time and time again to be THE marketing tactic to drive purchase. Consumers try it, like it, buy it. Seems simple enough. So why has sampling been in decline in recent years?

Opening "Sponsorship" Happiness: Six Flags & Coca-Cola Sponsorship Case Study

Six Flags Entertainment, the world's largest regional theme park brand, has partnered with Coca-Cola® the World's largest beverage company for decades leading the industry with unique sponsorship innovation both in and outside its theme park properties.

Experiential Marketing: The Value of Brand Experiences

In this webinar, attendees discovered through case studies from brands such as Live Nation, New Balance and Vodafone, how experiential initiatives are used by marketers to begin or extend customer interactions in previously unimagined ways.

Social Listening: What Marketers Should Be Hearing

This webinar explored the creative side of social data and how it is used by brands.

Ad Innovations in Connected TV

BrightLine discussed the innovations and exploration taking place in the new TV arena, and how marketers can finally win the living room space through a turnkey, connected TV experience.

Big and Small Screens: How GEICO Is Making Consumer Engagement Unskippable

GEICO’s agency partner revealed the cutting-edge strategies that led to the company’s winning app and innovative pre-roll campaign.

Coldwell Banker Real Estate Mobile Case Study

In this session, Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC shared their consumer facing platforms including a recently launched website, responsive mobile site as well as their native iOS & Android apps.

Intuit: Approach & Learnings from a TV Media Audit

In this session, Intuit shared how they built the business case for their TV media audit, the approach and results from the audit, and some of the surprising and not-so-surprising learnings and take-aways.

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