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Successfully Making the Tectonic Shift from B-to-C to B-to-B

In this video, BlackBerry shared how it successfully shifted from the B-to-C market to B-to-B.

B-to-B Video: The Comedy Writes Itself

In this video, Tim Washer explained how brands can use humor to create lasting connections with an audience.

The Reinvention of the Diebold Brand

In this video, Diebold provided a blueprint for successfully reinventing a B-to-B vendor into a strategic partner based on a throughline of collaborative innovation.

Face-to-Face Marketing Rules

In this video, eMarketing Strategy shared the reasons marketers still turn to face-to-face marketing, and provided tips for improving brands’ face-to-face efforts.

B-to-B Customer Loyalty: The Proven Path to Monetizing Customer Experience

In this video, the Incentive Group and HCL shared best practices for B-to-B customer loyalty programs and explained their importance to driving business growth.

The Experience is the Marketing

In this video, Strategic Horizons shared how brands are driving business by bringing an experiential mindset to marketing.

How Brilliant Brands Create a Sudden Urge to Act

In this video, Brandscaping author Andrew Davis shared a map of the modern client journey and explained how brands can connect with consumers and lead them to a purchase.

Here’s Why You’re Failing at Content Marketing

In this video, the Content Marketing Institute shared the three key attributes of successful content marketers.

Freightliner “Real Cost of Ownership” Campaign

In this video, learn how Freightliner Trucks created a rebranding campaign that showed customers why its trucks were the most cost-effective on the market.

Only Human: The Emotional Logic of Business Decisions

In this video, the Fortune Knowledge Group and gyro shared how even in a data-saturated world, emotional connections are still the leading driver of business decisions.

Branding’s Second Act

In this video, Ingredion described how it built on the momentum of a rebranding campaign with a well-planned “Second Act.”

Taming the Marketing Technology Beast and Teaching It to Fetch (Customers)

In this video, ion interactive discussed the current marketing technology landscape, its effects on marketing and the brand overall, and the rise of the marketing technologist.

Better Client-Agency Relationships for Better Business Results

In this video, Mercer Island group shared best practices for improving the client/agency relationship through communication, orientation, and goal alignment.

The Myth of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation provides instant gratification. However, few “automaters” seem to realize that, to most in their audience, their efforts provide little more than yet another generic piece of junk mail.

Being 3M

In this video, learn how 3M built a rebranding campaign on three key principles that put the customer first.

A Whole New Train of Thought: Delivering Customer Outcomes

In order to create a brand image that aligned with the advanced, problem-solving technology it had created, GE updated its marketing efforts by using cutting-edge software and speaking to customers in today’s language. Learn how in this video.

The Rise of the Data-Driven Marketer

In this video, LinkedIn discussed how marketers can use data and analytics to improve the online shopping experience.

Vertical Networks Create Value in Every Industry

In this video, Spiceworks discussed how vertical professional networks provide unrivaled data and a place for professionals to connect.

Overview of the 2015 ANA Advertising Financial Management Conference

In this video, get an overview of the 2015 ANA Advertising Financial Management Conference.

2015 BAASH – Brand Activation Annual Showcase Overview

This video provides an overview of the the 2015 BAASH – Brand Activation Annual Showcase.

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