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  • Big Data

    Insight Briefs   January 22, 2016  

    This Insight Brief discusses how brands can interpret data to better target emails, drive customer loyalty, and develop campaigns that speak to the specific interests of their customers. It includes case studies and best practices from MGM Resorts, Oral-B, Hewlett-Packard, and GE.

  • Using Content to Drive Brand Engagement

    Insight Briefs   January 11, 2016  

    Content Marketing has gone from an emerging tactic to a central pillar of marketing in a manner of months. As consumers continue to grow weary of traditional advertising, the need for valuable, relevant content delivered when and where the consumer wants it becomes greater. Elliot Lum, VP of Strategic Marketing at Columbia Records, spoke with marketing leaders from across numerous categories to find out how they define content marketing, and what they are doing to master it moving forward.

  • TV and Video

    Insight Briefs   November 20, 2015  

    This insight brief covers the latest trends in TV and video advertising, including connected TV, mobile video, and in-house production.

  • B-to-B Sales Enablement Through Marketing

    Insight Briefs   October 27, 2015  

    The sales and marketing functions within most B-to-B brands are isolated at best, and antagonistic at worst. In recent years, industry-leading companies have worked to align their sales and marketing teams under common business goals using tools, training and even reorganization. The ANA and BMA explored the way brands are empowering sales via marketing, and driving business growth in the process.

  • Innovation

    Insight Briefs   October 19, 2015  

    This Insight Brief discusses the necessity of an innovative approach to marketing in an age of disruption.

  • Global Marketing

    Insight Briefs   August 27, 2015  

    This Insight Brief discusses how brands are connecting with consumers globally, including best practices from Nissan and Coca-Cola.

  • B-to-B Marketing

    Insight Briefs   July 30, 2015  

    For years, Business-to-Business marketing was largely viewed as a support function for the company’s salesforce. Recently, however, an increasing number of B-to-B organizations are realizing the importance of branding, cross-channel messaging, and leveraging customer insights to resonate with business decision-makers on an emotional level. The ANA and BMA shared insights, trends, and best practices from some of the world’s leading B-to-B brands.

  • Media Leadership

    Insight Briefs   June 25, 2015  

    This Insight Brief discusses links media leadership to innovation strategy and included case studies from American Airlines and Time Warner.

  • Social Media

    Insight Briefs   May 19, 2015  

    This Insight Brief examines best practices for social media platforms and includes case studies from McDonald’s and the Ice Bucket Challenge.

  • Driving Business Through Content Marketing

    Insight Briefs   April 29, 2015  

    In a few short years, content marketing has gone from an emerging tactic to a necessity in most brands’ marketing strategies. By delivering value to consumers within the context of the platform they’re on, brands can deeply engage and establish long-term relationships with them. The ANA shared insights and best practices for content marketing from some of the biggest brands in the world.

  • Brand Activation

    Insight Briefs   April 7, 2015  

    This Insight Brief covers the six pillars of brand activation: promotion marketing, retail marketing, relationship marketing, experiential marketing, content marketing, and influencer marketing.

  • Multicultural Marketing and Diversity

    Insight Briefs   February 19, 2015  

    This Insight Brief explores best practices in internal organization and strategy for marketing to a diverse population. Learn how brands like Coca-Cola, the NBA, and Honda Civic are reaching multicultural consumers, including the important Millennial target.

  • Reaching Consumers Through Mobile Apps

    Insight Briefs   February 9, 2015  

    Smartphones have been adopted by consumers faster than any technology that has come before it, putting virtually everything an individual could want or need in the palm of their hand. This new channel has created near-limitless opportunities for brands to connect in a deeper, more relevant way with consumers, creating brand advocates and driving sales in the process. The ANA looks at the latest developments and best practices in a space some marketers are describing as “the best way to reach consumers available.”

  • Brands as Publishers

    Insight Briefs   January 14, 2015  

    The digital revolution and rise of the Millennial generation have substantially impacted the marketing landscape. Increasingly, brands are venturing beyond the traditional methods of advertising by creating engaging content without sales pitches to increase brand affinity. The ANA shares the different approaches brands are taking to becoming publishers, and how valuable content can be leveraged to create and enhance the brand/customer relationship.

  • The Science of Consumers

    Insight Briefs   November 17, 2014  

    Consumer neuroscience, also known as neuromarketing, can give brands new ways to test, track, and measure the effectiveness of communication strategies. Brands like Campbell’s are using consumer neuroscience to make print, packaging, and in-store advertising more effective. This Insight Brief also provides tips for selecting the right research vendor.

  • Brand Loyalty 2.0

    Insight Briefs   October 14, 2014  

    Customer loyalty isn’t dead, it’s just different. With the proliferation of channels, media, and products, brands must work harder to keep customers coming back. The ANA shared how some innovative brands leverage mobile and social media, as well as customized ads and experiences, to form meaningful, lasting consumer relationships.

  • Programmatic Buying

    Insight Briefs   September 18, 2014  

    Programmatic media buying has caught the attention of major advertisers. This Insight Brief defines key terms in programmatic buying, explains how programmatic buying works through an agency trading desk, and offers best practices for managing agency fees. Marketers can also learn about considerations for taking programmatic buying in-house and read case studies from Kimberly-Clark and Ford.

  • Advertising Law

    Insight Briefs   August 25, 2014  

    Each new device, technology, and medium gives marketers new ways to connect with and engage consumers. However, every advancement in advertising has legal ramifications. This Insight Brief shares concerns and advice around issues such as native advertising, global expansion, and the emerging Internet of Things.

  • Agency Relations

    Insight Briefs   July 17, 2014  

    This Insight Brief covers several models for agency relations, the agency selection process, compensation, and best practices for writing strong briefs.

  • Public Relations: Beyond the Press Release

    Insight Briefs   June 19, 2014  

    How can the marketing organization and PR function evolve to meet the needs of the digital era? Today’s PR professionals should move beyond the press release to build expertise in SEO, influencer outreach, and content marketing. This Insight Brief shares how brands like Honest Tea and CarMax have leveraged PR to improve marketing ROI, as well as tips for selecting the right PR agency partner.


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